Announcement: Change in the posting schedule for May

Hello, movie lovers!
Today is May 7 and I have not yet watched a film this month. I probably won’t watch my first film of the month until tomorrow. As a result, my number of total films watched this month is going to be pretty low. This is partly because I’ve been out of town and partly because I’ve been in a bit of a funk.

So, I’ve decided to make a temporary change to the posting schedule for this month. I’ll still be posting something every day, but reviews will be a bit more sparse. You can expect lists and short blurbs about my favorite films/performers on days when a review isn’t posted.

Regular reviewing should resume in June, and I’m still going to try to fit in as many as possible this month. I may even end up sticking pretty close to the “review every day/list on Tuesday” format I’ve been following. (Here’s hoping!)

As always, thanks for reading and happy viewing!

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