Through the Library is BACK!

I know I said this would be coming weeks ago, but I had finals and then went out of town and a whole bunch of other excuses which will probably just make me seem like a lazy blogger.
But tonight I finally made that fateful trip to the library – not only to pick up P-T, but also to see a free screening they were holding of Singin’ in the Rain!
I just got home from staring at Gene Kelly’s face on the quite large screen in the library’s auditorium for a glorious hour and fourty-three minutes so here, without further ado, are this week’s library picks.


Panic in the Streets (dir. Elia Kazan, 1950)

Queen of Outer Space (dir. Edward Bends, 1958)

Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The (dir. Jose Quintero, 1961)

Set Up, The (dir. Robert Wise, 1949)

Too Late for Tears (dir. Byron Haskin, 1949)

Keep an eye out for these reviews, coming up next week!


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