Hello, dear movie lovers! I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about a few things, and ask you about a few things, and ponder a few things.

First order of business: you may have noticed that I redesigned the blog yesterday. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this new layout. I think it looks a lot more “put together” and does a better job of showcasing the different types of content that I share. I think I’ll be sticking with this theme long-term, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments if you hate it! (Or if you love it as much as I do!)

Secondly, I’d like to announce that June is going to be a very special month here at TMP: Adaptations Month. I’ve been working on a couple of posts that I’m very excited about and can’t wait to share. I’ll let you know a bit more about what this super fun label entails when I do this month’s wrap up post. (I think you can infer from the label itself that it has something to do with books and book-to-film adaptations.)

And finally, it’s your turn to talk!

I’ve been toying with the idea of Off Topic Thursdays. I’d still be posting movie-related content on Thursdays, but in addition would be posting something that has nothing to do with the general focus of this blog – a music recommendation, an update on what I’ve been reading, et cetera. But before hopping forward with that idea and potentially ticking off readers who could care less about what I think about books, television or music, I wanted to get reactions from you all. Would you be interested in seeing this type of content on TMP once a week? Should I do it, but keep bi-weekly or monthly instead? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and, as always, happy viewing!


(PS – Review of The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone for the current installment of Through the Library is coming your way in a few hours!)