The following is an excerpt from a great book-to-film analysis of one of my favorite films, Auntie Mame, by the lovely Silver Screenings – our latest participant in TMP’s Adaptation Month extravaganza:

“This movie is loads of fun because Russell seems almost giddy with such a juicy role. When she first meets her long-lost nephew, she quips, ‘If he misbehaves, we can always throw him in the river.’

Although she is the dominant personality in this movie, Russell doesn’t overshadow her supporting cast. There is a superb collection of characters in this film which, in the hands of less skilled writers, would be mere stereotypes (the obnoxious nouveau riche, the drunk Irish writer, the mean bank trustee). But these characters don’t feel like stereotypes. Each one is amusing and, in his or her own way, adds texture to the film.

Now, if anyone overshadows Russell’s Auntie Mame it is the Original Auntie Mame, star of the novel by Patrick Dennis upon which the movie is based.

Now this is an Auntie Mame. She is even more charming than Russell’s screen version, if you can believe it, plus we have the benefit of Dennis’ witty prose. As a book, Auntie Mame is exceedingly hard to put down. (We read the novel in practically one sitting!)”

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