A question (or three) for YOU!

Hello, fellow film fans!

Things have been running pretty smoothly on this here blog – much more smoothly than I expected, with the new semester starting up. My new Favorite Things About Favorite Films series has been a surprise hit, and I’m excited to pump out more of those posts in the coming months. (They’re so much fun to write! I love re-watching just as much as I love discovering new films.)

Lately I’ve been playing around with widgets too, and I thought I’d ask for your input, since you all look at this blog almost as much as I do. :)

1. Were you aware that TMP’s home page features a “top film of the week,” briefly recommending the past week’s highest review and linking to the full article? Would you like to see this feature stick around?

2. Regardless of how you feel about question 1, would you be interested in seeing a “coming soon” section on the front page with posters/stills from soon-to-be-talked-about films?

3. Are there any widgets that you think are unnecessary? (Feel free to provide suggestions for what to replace them with, if there are any you hate seeing!)

Update: Since posting this I have moved all of the widgets into the main sidebar and switched to a design that doesn’t require a second sidebar. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new look in the comments!

7 thoughts on “A question (or three) for YOU!

  1. Lindsey, I think the site is great! I have to admit, however, that I haven’t yet checked out every nook and cranny, so there are areas I haven’t yet discovered…including the link that I never knew existed for the ‘Film of the Week’ image! I like it, though; I always enjoy seeing that photo or poster when I visit the main page. And for me, I wouldn’t want to see a ‘coming soon’ section…I’d rather be surprised when the new review or post goes up. As for the widgets, I definitely don’t hate anything, but if I think of something worthy to add, I’ll pass it along!


    1. I love writing the TFotW blurbs (and finding the posters!), but I often feel like no one sees them since the feature only appears only on the front page. I may move it into the main sidebar (which appears on all pages) to draw more attention to it. Thank you for your input!


  2. 1 – Nope, but after checking it out…I like it! The reason I didn’t know about it is because I usually visit from the link in the emails that get sent out and the site layout looks different IN a post rather than from the homepage. If you could get that info to show up on every post it would be great
    2 – Definitely, but again…it would be better if it was in the sidebar all the time
    3 – I think the widgets that are there now are fine!


    1. The “secondary sidebar” on the homepage is unremovable from this layout (as far as I can tell, anyway) so I’ve got to put something there, but I am going to switch things around so the fun/frequently updated widgets are on every page. Ideally I’d like to have everything in one sidebar, but I like this design too much to give it up over that, haha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. 1. Ack! I didn’t know about the Film of the Week Feature either.
    2. I’m neutral about a “Coming Soon” section, although it would be nice to see.
    3. Widgets! I don’t think any of the current widgets are unnecessary. I am very bad at widgets & need a tutorial in this area.


    1. I moved Top Film of the Week to the main sidebar, so it will appear on every page now. :) That was actually the feature that prompted this post. I felt like a lot of people, even my most frequent readers, weren’t seeing it because it only appeared on the front page.


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