Hello, fellow film fans!

Things have been running pretty smoothly on this here blog – much more smoothly than I expected, with the new semester starting up. My new Favorite Things About Favorite Films series has been a surprise hit, and I’m excited to pump out more of those posts in the coming months. (They’re so much fun to write! I love re-watching just as much as I love discovering new films.)

Lately I’ve been playing around with widgets too, and I thought I’d ask for your input, since you all look at this blog almost as much as I do. :)

1. Were you aware that TMP’s home page features a “top film of the week,” briefly recommending the past week’s highest review and linking to the full article? Would you like to see this feature stick around?

2. Regardless of how you feel about question 1, would you be interested in seeing a “coming soon” section on the front page with posters/stills from soon-to-be-talked-about films?

3. Are there any widgets that you think are unnecessary? (Feel free to provide suggestions for what to replace them with, if there are any you hate seeing!)

Update: Since posting this I have moved all of the widgets into the main sidebar and switched to a design that doesn’t require a second sidebar. Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new look in the comments!