Reviews in a line or two: Katy Perry, Cold Comfort Farm and Adele

Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D tells the story of the pop star’s life and career, also following her as she travels the world on tour. (Image via

“Be yourself and you can be anything.”
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D

Dir. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz; Starring Katy Perry & friends
As someone who doesn’t typically consider myself a Katy Perry fan, I enjoyed this more than I expected to. Her music isn’t for me, but she seems to care a lot about her fans and she comes across as a peppy, fun person in this (obviously biased) tour documentary. Bonus points for her awesome grandma. The score: 2/5

Kate Beckinsale stars in Cold Comfort Farm as a girl who moves in with very quirky country relatives. (Image via

“She discovered a new branch of her family tree… the one with all the nuts.”
Cold Comfort Farm

Dir. John Schlesinger; Starring Kate Beckinsale, Eileen Atkins, Stephen Fry, Ian McKellan and a bunch more awesome folks
The characters in this tale of a girl living with estranged family members in the 1930s are kooky to say the least, but they definitely make the film an interesting watch. Cold Comfort Farm sometimes feels like it’s trying a bit too hard to be funny, but overall has a good story and boasts very good performances. The score: 4/5

Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall is a CD/DVD combo featuring Adele’s entire set from the concert as well as a bit of behind-the-scenes footage.

Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2011)
Dir. Paul Dugale; Starring Adele and friends
I love Adele but have never had the chance to see her live (yet!), so I’m really glad this DVD gave me the chance to at least see a recorded concert. The show is phenomenal and she sounds just as great live as she does in recordings, but I do wish that there was more “behind the scenes” footage than just a 9-minute featurette.The score: 4/5


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