Hello, movie lovers! I thought I’d take a break from reviewin’ today to share my answers to some movie questions I’ve seen floating around YouTube lately. (I rephrased some of the questions. I’m also not sure who came up with this/where it came from, but credit to the creator, of course!)

Robby the Robot and Anne Francis (Image: Doctor Macro)

1. If you need a good cry, which movie do you grab?
I mentioned this in a recent post on movies that “play with my emotions,” but Life is Beautiful (1997) makes me cry like a little baby. It’s a fantastic film and I’ve never been able to get through it without bawling.

2. Out of all of the movies you own, which is your favorite?
I’ll have to say Forbidden Planet. It isn’t my favorite film of all time, but it’s one of my favorite sci-fi films and the edition I own (the 50th anniversary blu-ray) is just phenomenal. You won’t find a more crisp and visually stunning print of it. The special features include an extra film and a Thin Man television episode. Endless enjoyment.

3. If you could be best friends with a movie character, who would it be?
The title character of Auntie Mame. She’s kooky, she’s a little bit crazy, but you’d always be sure to have a great time with her. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out in that amazing apartment from the 1958 film?

4. If you could only recommend three movies to someone, which would you recommend?
It’s Love I’m After, Ashani Sanket (review coming next month) and The Big Sleep

5. Which movie character has the best fashion sense?
I loooove movie clothes. I’ve done a series on some of my favorites (which I may start up again soon), and there are just way too many characters with great wardrobes. My most recent favorite discovery would have to be Irene Dunne’s wardrobe in Theodora Goes Wild. In modern film, Kate Winslet’s outfits in Titanic are the pinnacle of greatness to me. I want to live in every single one of them. My favorite overall might be Rosalind Russell’s outfits in The Women, because they reflect her character so well and have such odd details.

6. Which movie inspires you most?
There isn’t a specific film that I put on when I want to feel inspired, and to be quite honest I don’t watch many inspirational films. I’m all about crime dramas, 1930s comedies and cheese for the most part. I did recently see The Southerner (1945), though, and found it to be very inspirational. I can’t help but love the hard-working family in it. They persevere through a lot of trouble, and the film doesn’t even end necessarily happily for them, but they remain dedicated. Full review for that film will be posted next month!

7. Which movie character lives the life you’d like to live?
Don’t judge me for liking this cheesy film, but I’ve always wanted to be Rachel Weisz’s character in The Mummy (1999). When I was a kid I wanted to be an Egyptologist and was so jealous of her. I wanted (and still want) to LIVE in that library she works in at the beginning of the film. And now I’m in school with hopes of becoming a librarian eventually, so she’s still livin’ my dream.

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly star in one of my most re-watched films, To Catch a Thief (Image: Doctor Macro)

8. Which movie can you watch over and over again?
There are so many! All of the movies I own on DVD with the exception of some of the box sets are films that I could watch endlessly. To Catch a Thief is one of my most re-watched films. I put it on whenever I’m grumpy and it (and of course Cary Grant, in all of his luminescent, too-tan glory) never fails to brighten my mood.

9. Where do you typically buy your movies?
I buy ’em wherever I can find ’em. My favorite place to buy used DVDs is Dearborn Music. I walk out with an enormous stack every time I visit that store. I also buy used on Amazon a lot. The Goodwill in my city has a pretty great selection sometimes, including some still-in-the-shrink-wrap classics on VHS. My library sometimes has good stuff at the monthly book sales. FYE was a good source, but the one nearest to me closed (and it was a sad day in America. RIP “Buy 3, get 2 free” expeditions). I only buy new DVDs if they are severely clearanced (i.e. the Best Buy $4.99 bin) or if the price difference between new and used isn’t much (with the exception of box sets, which I usually buy new). Why spend the extra money when you can find stellar copies of films that are previously viewed?

10. If you could have a romantic relationship with a movie character, who would it be?
I’m going to be predictable and choose one of Cary Grant’s characters, because we all know how much I love him. I’ll go with Dr. David Huxley in Bringing Up Baby because he’s a paleontologist and he hangs out with Asta. (Skippy/Asta is Hepburn’s dog in the film, but we can knock her out of the picture and steal the dog, right?) If it didn’t work out with David I’d be a homewrecker and go for Mr. Blandings.

David Huxley: paleontologist, skeleton re-builder… and dream man? (Image: Doctor Macro)

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