(Image: dvdclassik.com)
(Image: dvdclassik.com)

The favorite film:
Niagara, 1953’s “raging torrent of emotion that even nature can’t control!” This noir-thriller was directed by Henry Hathaway for Fox.

The synopsis:
Polly and Ray Cutler are taking a belated honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls. When they arrive at the Falls, they find that the cabin they were supposed to be staying in is still occupied by Rose and George Loomis, who were supposed to check out before the Cutlers arrived.

Tensions grow between Rose and George, and eventually George goes missing – but Polly is suspicious of what really happened to him and works to find out the truth about what her vacation neighbors.

The cast:
Marilyn Monroe as Rose Loomis
Joseph Cotten as George Loomis
Jean Peters as Polly Cutler
Max Showalter as Ray Cutler

Fun facts:

  • Anne Baxter was originally offered the role of Polly but had to drop out of the film.
  • Marilyn Monroe was paid less for this film than her makeup artist was. It is her first starring role, and she was still under a stock contract with Fox.
  • Upon release, the film was praised by The New York Times for its beautiful technicolor images of the Falls… and of Marilyn. The review stated that Niagara Falls and Marilyn Monroe were discovered by Fox as two more wonders of the world.
  • Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Diptych is based on a publicity still from Niagara.

Favorite things:

  • The opening shot of the falls always makes me want to visit again! The scenery in this film is so beautiful.
  • Grandpa Fred from Sixteen Candles!
  • Marilyn is caught kissing a non-Cotten man… DUN DUN DUNNNN.
  • Marilyn’s makeup is always perfect, even while sleeping or after showering.
  • Rose and Polly’s wardrobes are both lovely!
  • All of Ray Cutler’s great, super-corny one-liners
  • Mr. Cutler creeping on his own wife while taking photos of her – “You’ve got nothing to hide. Inhale!”
  • The perfect blend of mystery with quirky side characters and a bit of cheese
  • Polly definitely has a future as a P.I. if she can get rid of that knack for getting herself into troubling situations. There are only so many times you can survive a near-tumble over the falls.
  • The big chase scene between Joseph Cotten and Marilyn, followed by…
  • Wonderful, high-tension ending. The film builds slowly up to this, and the story definitely goes out with a bang.
(Image: The Silver Screen Affair)
(Image: The Silver Screen Affair)
  • Quotes:
    • Polly: “You must think I’m a hot article.”
    • Ray: “It’s an army hospital. Mostly psycho.”
    • Polly: “Well, she sure got herself an armful of groceries.”
    • Ray: “You kind of like that song, don’t you Mrs. Loomis?”
      Rose: “There is no other song.”
    • George: “You smell like a dime store. I know what that means.”
    • George: “No, not Rose. She’ll go off to some town and drift up to the right bar stool.”