What to watch #5: March 6 – 12

Once again I’m only posting TCM recommendations, but this time for good reason: I’m sick! The unwanted visitor of the common cold that usually strikes on mid-winter break  has decided to strike on the week AFTER mid-winter break, a week when I have three big tests. As a result of my extra need for sleep and extra need for study time, I had to rush this post a bit. To compensate, there will once again be a song of the week at the end. Items marked with an asterisk are “new to me” films that I hope to record/watch. All times are in EST and subject to change; please check your local listings.

March 6

12:00 pm – Shine On Harvest Moon (1944)* – starring Ann Sheridan
4:00  pm – The Unfaithful (1947) – starring Ann Sheridan and Lew Ayres
9:00 pm – Bell, Book and Candle (1959) – starring Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon

March 7

2:00 am – The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) – starring Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak
6:00 am – Anna Christie (1930) – starring Greta Garbo
12:00  pm – A Wicked Woman (1934)* – starring Mady Christians and Jean Parker
6:15 pm – Spring Reuinion (1956)* – starring Dana Andrews and Betty Hutton
10:15 pm – Love Me Tonight (1932) – starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald

March 8

1:30 am – Roberta (1935) – starring Irene Dunne
7:30 am – Stage Fright (1950) – starring Jane Wyman and Marlene Dietrich
2:00 pm – Man in the Attic (1953)* – starring Jack Palance
6:30 pm – Suddenly (1954) – starring Frank Sinatra

March 9

8:00 am – The Littlest Rebel (1935)* – starring Shirley Temple
12:00 pm – Torchy Gets her Man (1938) – starring Glenda Farrell
5:30 pm – Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – starring Richard Dreyfuss
8:00 pm – Grand Hotel (1932) – starring Greta Garbo**
10:00 pm – Weekend at the Waldorf (1945) – starring Ginger Rogers**

**Watch these two together for comparison. Weekend is a remake of Grand Hotel.

March 10

8:00 am – I’ll See You in My Dreams (1951)* – starring Doris Day
12:00 pm – The Harvey Girls (1946) – starring Judy Garland

March 11

3:45 am – The Big Sleep (1946) – starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall
7:45 am – Behind the Rising Sun (1943)* – starring Tom Neal
11:00 am – Murder, My Sweet (1944) – starring Dick Powell
8:00 pm – Mrs. Miniver (1942) – starring Greer Garson
10:30 pm – Random Harvest (1942) – starring Greer Garson

March 12

12:30 pm – Air Hostess (1933)* – starring Evalyn Knapp
10:00 pm – The Westerner (1940)* – starring Gary Cooper

As promised, song of the week… Nancy and Frank Jr. singing “Something Stupid” on television with the Smothers Brothers in 1967:

4 thoughts on “What to watch #5: March 6 – 12

  1. Once again, nothing to recommend from the ones you haven’t seen, because I haven’t seen them either! And since I don’t get TCM, I’m a little peeved that I’ll be missing tomorrow’s Ann Sheridan doubleheader…


    1. Bummer that you don’t get TCM! I’ll have to start incorporating more Netflix/Internet Archive/etc. recommendations in these posts for those who don’t have access to The Greatest Cable Network of All Time.


      1. And I agree…it IS the Greatest Cable Network of All Time! I wish I could just pay for that channel alone…I’d do it in a heartbeat. And how very nice that you’d incorporate more recommendations from other more accessible (for me, anyway) movie outlets…much appreciated!

        And I just checked out my local Redbox machine for the first time…I don’t think they had one film that was released before 2008. Morons! I guess I’ll just wait for Redbox Classic to make its debut…


        1. Yeah, Redbox is only good for new-ish (and sometimes independent) films. I do like to use it every now and then for stuff I missed in the theater, but they need to step up their game by adding classics in.


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