March 2013 in review + DVD collection update!


New to me viewings: 44

Re-watches: 8

Total viewings: 52 – Spring break and a week of sickness paid off in the viewing department!

The list for the month:

  • Scotland Yard Inspector (1952)
  • Pier 23 (1951)
  • The Case of the Babysitter (1947)
  • Reet, Petite and Gone (1947)
  • The Sleeping Tiger (1954)
  • The Love Letter  (1999)
  • Scoop (2006)
  • The Young Victoria (2009)
  • Whistle Stop (1946)
  • Lady in a Cage (1964)
  • Young @ Heart (2007)
  • Your Sister’s Sister (2011)
  • New Year’s Eve (2011)
  • Bug (2002)
  • Hands Across the Table (1935)
  • We’re Not Dressing (1934)
  • Man of the World (1931)
  • This is What Democracy Looks Like (2000)
  • Love Before Breakfast (1936)
  • The Princess Comes Across (1936)
  • True Confession (1937)
  • Keeping Mum (2005)
  • The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
  • Julie & Julia (2009)
  • Elizabethtown (2005)
  • Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
  • Runaway Daughters (1994)
  • Half Light (2006)
  • Irresistible (2006)
  • Ed Gein (2001)
  • Many Rivers to Cross (1955)
  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)
  • Trooper Hook (1957)
  • The Group (1966)
  • Admission (2013)
  • Session 9 (2001)
  • Silent House (2011)
  • Fingerprints (2006)
  • Horror of Dracula (1958)
  • The Crawling Eye (1958)
  • Invisible Invaders (1959)
  • Wives and Lovers (1963)
  • Temptation (2013)
  • American Loser (2007)

Breakdown by decade:

1930s – 6
1940s – 3
1950s – 10
1960s – 3
1990s – 5
2000s – 16
2010s – 8

Viewing methods:

At the theater: 2
From my DVD collection: 12
From the family pool: 1
From the library: 22
Netflix Instant: 12
Netflix DVD: 1
On the DVR/TCM: 2

DVD collection update time!
Days of Wine and Roses (from Warner Archive)
Horror of Dracula (from Warner Archive)
Many Rivers to Cross (from Warner Archive)
Monte Carlo (from Target bargain section)
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (from Warner Archive)
The Shawshank Redemption (from Target bargain section)
Village of the Damned/Children of the Damned double feature (from Warner Archive)
The Vow (gift from mom)
Freaky Friday (Bargain bin)
The Outsiders (Bargain bin)
Mary Tyler Moore Show season 1 (Bargain bin)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman season 2 (Bargain bin)

7 thoughts on “March 2013 in review + DVD collection update!

    1. Yep, and I’m actually typing up the review of it right now! It probably won’t be posted for a while, though, so you still have plenty of time to watch before we compare notes haha.


      1. After I finish playing catch-up this week with baseball films, I’ll watch The Crawling Eye, then I’ll wait to post my review when I see yours go up! And then we’ll remember this as the first of what will become a global ‘Crawling Eye-O-Thon’ with other movie review blogs!


        1. I’d love to see what other bloggers think of it! Right now it’s on the schedule for June 5 which is waaaaay in advance, but I’ll be moving things around. (Kind of nuts that I’ve drafted enough reviews to get me through april, may and half of June!) I’ll let you know when the date is finalized so we can coordinate them, haha.


            1. I just watch way too many movies, haha. Helps that I have some automatic posts scheduled, too, like these monthly wrap-ups and the “What to Watch” posts. I was still posting reviews from films I watched in 2012 well into the beginning of February, though!


              1. Well, we kinda do the same thing here…sit on reviews for a bit until one or two of the other DK reviewers can watch the film and write it up. Single reviews go up when I know no one else will watch the film, or at least won’t have access to it for a long time. In the end, it’s usually up to me to add that second or third review anyway.


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