Question time! TMP: YouTube edition?

Hello, friends and fellow movie fans! I’m making an extra post today to once again ask for your input on something.

I’m considering adding a video/vlog element to this blog. I recently had to make a video introduction for one of my graduate classes and found that I actually enjoyed it a lot, so I thought it might be a fun idea to put my webcam and editing software to use for TMP. Plus, it’d be a good way for me to gain experience with the software — useful, since my MLIS coursework over the next two years is going to require many A/V presentations.

The great majority of TMP’s content would still be written, but I’m thinking of doing lists/questionnaires and the monthly DVD collection update in video format (2 or 3 videos per month). Would anyone be interested in watching these? If you all prefer written content, I’m fine with keeping TMP 100% wordy as well. I just figured I’d bounce the idea off of you folks who read my blog. :) Thanks in advance for your input!



11 thoughts on “Question time! TMP: YouTube edition?

  1. I’d say yes…it would be something new and fun, you’d get to try out and learn your software, and you’d get additional training for your A/V classes. Plus, I think it might be cool to actually see the actual DVDs that you’ve added to your collection. Plus, and best of all, you could practice at being a classic movie host…y’know, like for TCM or something.


      1. Good lord, you’re right…I better start practicing, too. Look for my new video feature, “Todd Screams and Throws Things About Bad Movies”, coming to my re-vamped blog soon!


  2. No ungainly Icarus metaphors here; I always believe creative minds should fly in new directions whenever possible, and there’s nothing wrong with variety of presentation, especially when discussing a visually based medium as the cinema, so why hesitate? It would be nicely complimentary to your always interesting prose.


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