What to Watch #46: February 19 – 25

What to Watch returns to its normal format this week after last Tuesday’s special Valentine’s recommendation post. These are my picks from what’s playing on TCM in the coming week! All times are listed in EST and subject to change. New-to-me choices are marked with asterisks, and linked film titles will take you to TMP’s reviews of those films!

February 19

8:15 am – On the Beach (1959) – Dir. Stanley Kramer

12:45 pm – The Barefoot Contessa (1954) – Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

8:00 pm – Topper (1937) – Dir. Norman Z. McLeod

February 20

12:15 am – The Awful Truth (1937) – Dir. Leo McCarey

6:15 am – The Letter (1929)*

1:30 pm – Leave Her to Heaven (1945) – Dir. John M. Stahl

8:00 pm – Of Human Bondage (1934) – Dir. John Cromwell

9:30 pm – It Happened One Night (1934) – Dir. Frank Capra

February 21

6:00 pm – The Sunshine Boys (1944)*

February 22

1:00 am – Gaslight (1944) – Dir. George Cukor

3:00 am – None but the Lonely Heart (1944) – Dir. Clifford Odets

7:30 am – Random Harvest (1942) – Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

9:45 am – Blossoms in the Dust (1941) – Dir. Mervyn LeRoy

1:30 pm – The Yearling (1946) – Dir. Clarence Brown

8:00 pm – The Red Shoes (1948) – Dir. Michael Powell

February 23

1:30 am – The Snake Pit (1948) – Dir. Anatole Litvak

3:30 am – The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) – Dir. John Huston

5:45 am – Johnny Belinda (1948) – Dir. Jean Negulesco

4:45 pm – Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) – Dir. Lewis Milestone

February 24

6:00 am – Four Daughters (1938) – Dir. Michael Curtiz

10:00 am – Grand Illusion (1937)*

12:00 pm – Jezebel (1938) – Dir. William Wyler

February 25

5:00 am – A Patch of Blue (1965) – Dir. Guy Green

8:30 am – Lifeboat (1944) – Dir. Alfred Hitchcock

8:00 pm – The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) – Dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

5 thoughts on “What to Watch #46: February 19 – 25

  1. Lindsey, seriously…how can I make recommendations if you’ve seen EVERYTHING! Just three asterisked movies? From now on, I think you should start including times for movies that are also being shown on HBO, IFC, Lifetime, and every Encore channel, so I can actually participate!

    Although I was ready to recommend ‘The Letter’, ’til I saw it wasn’t the cool Bette Davis version from 1940, but a renegade 1929 variation that I’d never heard of. Thanks for the tease!


    1. I’m sorry! There was not a lot I hadn’t seen in the schedule this week, and again I had to limit my selections because I simply haven’t had time to be watching as many films as I usually do. Blame my professors!

      I’ve seen the 1940 version of The Letter & own it on DVD. That’s why I wanted to watch the ’29 — I like to compare versions. Didn’t realize the ’40 version was a remake until I was scrolling through TCM’s schedule this week!


      1. I’ll not only blame your professors, I’ll have a talk with them as well! And I’m curious to hear what you thought about the ’29 version, and how it compares, if you have the chance to see it. I love that brutal opening of the ’40 version!


        1. I’m taping the ’29 version tomorrow morning, so as long as I get a lot of my HTML work done today I should be able to give it a watch by the end of the week. Then I’ll re-watch the ’40 version to refresh my memory and do a comparison of the two. There isn’t as much wiggle room for changes in the new schedule I’ve set up for the blog, but I’ll try to have it posted sooner rather than later!


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