$15 Film Casting Challenge: The All-Classic Edition

Last week I had a great time putting myself to the test with the $15 Film Challenge created by Cinema Axis. As promised at the end of that post, I’ve decided to put together a version of the challenge using only classic-era stars, increasing the stakes for myself (as a film enthusiast with a particular interest in the classics).

The rules are as follows:

  • You have only $15 to spend, and you must spend exactly this amount.
  • Choose one person only from each category.
  • If you have a couple of bucks left over after making your initial selections, you can choose one person from any category for a cameo role. The person you choose must exactly match the dollar value that you have left.
  • If you’re feeling extra creative, come up with a genre and short plot synopsis for your film!

Feel free to share your own selections in a comment, make a post of your own OR make your own challenge using different stars! (It was really difficult for me to narrow down the lists to just five choices. I have too many favorites. I’d love to see a silent version of this!)

Ernst Lubitsch ($5)
Fritz Lang ($4)
William Wyler ($3)
Alfred Hitchcock ($2)
George Cukor ($1)


Cary Grant ($5)
Clark Gable ($4)
Humphrey Bogart ($3)
James Cagney ($2)
Gregory Peck ($1)

Barbara Stanwyck ($5)
Judy Garland ($4)
Audrey Hepburn ($3)
Joan Blondell ($2)
Lauren Bacall ($1)

Peter Lorre ($5)
Claude Rains ($4)
Ralph Bellamy ($3)
S.Z. Sakall ($2)
Eric Blore ($1)

Ida Lupino ($5)
Angela Lansbury ($4)
Jane Wyman ($3)
Joan Fontaine ($2)
Ann Miller ($1)

Director: Fritz Lang ($4)
Lead Actor: James Cagney ($2)
Lead Actress: Lauren Bacall ($1)
Supporting Actor: Claude Rains ($4)
Supporting Actress: Jane Wyman ($3)

TOTAL: $14

$1 CAMEO (for a total of $15): Gregory Peck

4 thoughts on “$15 Film Casting Challenge: The All-Classic Edition

  1. Since I picked Hitchcock for the prior challenge, I’ll go with Fritz Lang this time, directing a noir film with – hold your ‘casting against type’ horses – Judy Garland in the lead as a woman on the run, mistakenly accused of killing a man. Bogart is the police detective on her tail who eventually believes her innocence, and they join forces to find the real culprit, Ann Miller (!). Ralph Bellamy has a cameo playing the murdered man, who was the boyfriend of Miller. I think I’ll call it: ‘Kill or Be Killed’.


  2. ok:

    Director: Ernst Lubitsch ($5)
    Lead Actor: Cary Grant ($5)
    Lead Actress: Joan Blondell ($2)
    Supporting Actor: Eric Blore ($1)
    Supporting Actress: Ann Miller ($1)


    so …
    cameo: Lauren Bacall ($1)



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