Make it a Marathon: 24 Hours of Films from 1937

You may remember that at the beginning of the year I participated in the Classic Movie History Project blogathon, covering the year 1937. While crafting that post, I realized just how many great films were released in 1937. It’s not the first year that comes to mind when we think of Hollywood’s greatest, but it certainly should be counted among them! And I’ve been wanting to make more of these “Marathon” lists, so what better way to bring the series back than to take a look at the great Hollywood year of 1937?

The following is a list of 24 hours worth of 1937-released viewing!

(Image via Doctor Macro)
(Image via Doctor Macro)

The Awful Truth – 90 minutes

Black Legion – 83 minutes

(Image via
(Image via

Breakfast for Two – 67 minutes

In Old Chicago – 96 minutes

Marcia is in love with Basil, but is already engaged to Henry. Who will she choose? (Image via
(Image via

It’s Love I’m After – 87 minutes

La grande illusion – 117 minutes

Lost Horizon – 132 minutes

(Image via Twenty Four Frames)
(Image via Twenty Four Frames)

Nothing Sacred – 75 minutes

Shall We Dance – 116 minutes

Stage Door – 92 minutes

(Screen capture by Lindsey for TMP)
(Screen capture by Lindsey for TMP)

Stella Dallas – 106 minutes

Topper – 95 minutes

True Confession – 85 minutes

You Only Live Once – 86 minutes

(Image via
(Image via

Young and Innocent – 83 minutes

This playlist of 15 films adds up to 1,410 minutes or  23.5 hours, leaving you half an hour for a little catnap!

2 thoughts on “Make it a Marathon: 24 Hours of Films from 1937

    1. Since making that Classic Movie History Project post I’ve been doing a lot more research about specific years in film. Release year was not something I’d given much thought to before! It’s interesting to see just how many great ones came out in certain years (like ’37). And your two favorites are great choices. :)


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