Welcome to Part II of TMP’s “anticipating in 2015” list! Once again, these release dates are tentative and based on Wikipedia’s “2015 in film” list.

What are you looking forward to in the second half of the year? Feel free to share in the comments?


Selfless – July 31 – I hadn’t heard of this until looking at the list of releases, but the plot sounds pretty interesting: a terminally ill man puts himself through an experimental medical procedure that he hopes will make him immortal.

Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield filming Ricki and the Flash (Image via Awards Watch)
Meryl Streep and Rick Springfield filming Ricki and the Flash (Image via Awards Watch)


Ricki and the Flash – August 7 – I’m on the fence about Diablo Cody as a screenwriter. I tend to like her films the first time I watch them, and then like them less when I re-watch them, which is an uncommon phenomenon in my movie-watching. But I’ll give this one a shot, especially since it has Meryl Streep playing a rock star.

Straight Outta Compton – August 14 – I’m a sucker for a good music biz biopic. This one looks promising since a few of its subjects seem to have had pretty heavy involvement in the production. (Dr. Dre and Ice Cube are listed as producers.) The director has also been quoted by Rolling Stone as saying that the film speaks to how place and time are important in relation to pop culture, which sounds really interesting.

Criminal – August 21 – I feel obligated to see this because I love Tommy Lee Jones.

Me Before You – August 21 – This sounds like a pretty schmaltzy romance. I’ll give the book a look at the library before deciding whether to watch. Will Jojo Moyes be the new Nicholas Sparks?


Jane Got a Gun – September 4 – This film went through so many cast and crew changes and on-set problems that it seemed like it might not ever get made, and now it’s finally being released. I’m excited to see Natalie Portman in a Western.

Triple Nine – September 11 – This sounds like a pretty typical crime thriller, but the cast list is kind of insane and all over the place, which intrigues me. Kate Winslet, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gal Gadot, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Mackie and Aaron Paul all in the same film?

Kate Beckinsale on the set of The Disappointments Room (Image via Got Celeb)
Kate Beckinsale on the set of The Disappointments Room (Image via Got Celeb)

Everest – September 18 – Story time: As a child, I was obsessed with Mount Everest and was sure that I’d climb it someday. I remember watching so many documentaries about it, reading so many books about it. I no longer have aspirations of climbing the beast, but I’m pretty excited for this film, especially with some pretty great actors attached (Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley).

The Disappointments Room – September 25 – Odd title, but I’m here for a good psychological thriller. It isn’t a genre I watch very frequently, but it’s my favorite horror subgenre, so I’ll definitely watch this one.


Vacation – October 9 – I hesitate to call this “anticipated” because I don’t really think the Vacation series needs a reboot, and my hopes are pretty low. However, I do love the original Vacation films and will see this just to judge whether or not it measures up.

Crimson Peak – October 16 – I will watch anything with Jessica Chastain in it. As an added bonus, it’s set in the 19th century, one of my favorite time periods.

St. James Place – October 16 – A thriller set in the mid-century (Cold War era) and written by the Coen brothers? Yes, please.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – November 20 – I would be lying if I said this series wasn’t losing a little bit of its appeal for me, but I’m a completest. So, I’ll watch it, and I’m sure it’ll be a good film, even if I’m not as excited as I was to see the previous installments.

I've heard so many good things about The Martian's source material that I'm already excited for the film without having yet read the book! (Image via National Post)
I’ve heard so many good things about The Martian‘s source material that I’m excited for the film without having yet read the book! (Image via National Post)

The Martian – November 25 – Again, I’ll see anything with Jessica Chastain in it. I’m also looking forward to this one because I’ve heard so many great things about the book. It’s high on my to-read list. I look forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype, and to seeing if the film is adapted well.

Midnight Special – November 25 – Michael Shannon re-teams with the writer/director of Take Shelter. REJOICE!


Sisters – December 18 – I have a sister. She’s my best friend, and I love watching films about sibling relationships, because they usually remind me how good we have it! This one’s about two estranged sisters (TMP siblings – 1, movie siblings – 0) who throw a party together, which sounds like a pretty light plot, but with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey starring it should, at the very least, be enjoyable.

The Revenant – December 25 – Another 19th century period piece, this time about a fur trapper who vows to get revenge on his pals after they rob him and leave him for dead. I’m glad to see Domhnall Gleeson getting so much work, and as I mentioned in Part I, I’m excited to see more of Tom Hardy as well.