Classic Quiz: Vol. 1

Welcome to a new feature on TMP — the Classic Quiz! One of my favorite types of film book to collect is the trivia book, so I thought I’d begin sharing questions from the ones that I own. Each Classic Quiz will contain five questions, with the answers revealed at the beginning of the next Quiz post. Take your best shot in the comments, and don’t use your ol’ pal, Google!


Classic Quiz, Vol. 1

  1. What actress was featured in all four of these “love” movies?
    Three Cheers for Love
    It’s Love I’m After
    She Loved a Fireman
    Love, Honor and Goodbye
  2. I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang was directed by…
    a) Mervyn LeRoy
    b) Edmund Goulding
    c) Michael Curtiz
    d) Victor Fleming
  3. What TV show did Tallulah Bankhead moderate?
  4. In The Magnificent Doll, Dolly Madison was portrayed by ______.
  5. In which film did Jack Lemmon portray a French policeman?

(Answers for this quiz will be revealed on February 21.)


3 thoughts on “Classic Quiz: Vol. 1

  1. Sorry I’m late! I’m way behind on…well, everything. But anyway…I can only come up with two answers: Mervyn LeRoy for #2, and Irma la Douce for #5. And I just looked above, and saw I had the same two answers as LE!


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