Films in 2015: Modern Movies in February (Pt. 2)

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Just Wright (2010) – One of the most predictable movies I’ve ever watched in my entire life. That being said, it’s a rom-com, and I was in the mood for a rom-com when I watched it, so I didn’t hate it. The script is pretty weak and spends too much time explaining itself to the viewer. (The film opens with Leslie going on a failed blind date, for example, which is enough to clue us in to the fact that she’s not lucky in love, but it’s reiterated over and over through the dialogue throughout the first 20-30 minutes or so. Redundancy!) The dialogue also feels very stiff/contrived at times. But the cast is likable, and it certainly isn’t the worst rom-com I’ve ever seen. A middle-of-the-road entry into the genre.

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Liberal Arts (2012) – I’m a fan of Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother, but my expectations for this film were mixed. I thought it may end up to be your typical older man/college girl romance, where the audience is supposed to accept the relationship despite the obvious power imbalance and potential skeeviness. The film’s characters are a bit pretentious but this rings true to the world of academia, haha. The film is very self-aware in both of these respects: the two central characters have a conversation about how Radnor’s character is a literature snob, and they also discuss their age gap on multiple occasions. They both seem to learn something from the whole ordeal, and the audience isn’t expected to root for them as a couple, which is refreshing.

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Warm Bodies (2013) – When I saw the trailer for this film, I had little interest in it. My interest grew when I heard positive things about the book from some folks whose tastes generally align with mine. I have yet to read the book, but I decided to finally give the film a watch after finding a very inexpensive copy at Best Buy. It’s a good watch! Interesting angle, to tell a zombie story from the perspective of the zombie himself. The special effects (including the zombie makeup) are nicely done, the performances are solid, and it’s got a great soundtrack.

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