• Downton Abbey, Season 2 – on sale at Target
    Original UK edition. Special features include Fashion & Uniforms; Romance in a Time of War; House to Hospital
  • Downton Abbey, Season 3 – from the Amazon marketplace
    Original UK edition. Special features include Behind the Drama; Shirley MacLaine at Downton; The Men of Downton; Downton in 1920
  • Downton Abbey, Season 4 – on sale at Target
    Original UK edition. Special features include 30+ minutes of behind the scenes/making-of footage


  • Interstellar (Christopher Nolan, 2014)
    Target steelbook Blu/DVD combo pack, incl. a collectible IMAX film still from the movie. Special features include Plotting an Interstellar Journey; Shooting in Iceland: Miller’s Planet/Mann’s Planet; Celestial Landmarks; Miniatures in Space

Entertainment-related books/ephemera


  • Laughing in the Dark: Movie Comedy from Groucho to Woody by Ted Sennett
    The title is pretty self-explanatory on this one — it’s a book about the comedy genre. 340 pages including the index, photo credits and bibliography. First edition, January 1992.


  • Motion Picture Magazine – June 1959
    Headlines include “Exclusive Pictures! Liz and Eddie’s Hideaway Ranch!” and “FABIAN! The mystery of why he makes girls cry.” Cover features Shirley and Pat Boone.
  • Screenland Magazine – August 1951
    Featured headline is “If Your Man Strays by Corinne Calvet.” Stunning Janet Leigh cover photo.