Welcome to the Collection Update for May! Last month wasn’t huge for me in terms of DVD buying, but I did pick up a few things at the monthly library sale, as well as a couple of bargain multipacks. May also included a trip to my favorite bookstore, John K. King, where I couldn’t resist a visit to the “film books” section. Let’s take a look at the acquisitions, shall we? 


  • 4 Movie Marathon: Classic Western Collection (DVD)
  • Includes The Texas Rangers, Canyon Passage, Kansas Raiders, and The Lawless Breed. No special features, just the four films on two discs.
  • 6 Film Set: The Children of the Corn Collection
    Includes Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return and Children of the Corn: Revelation. I’m sure none of these films will be as great as the original (after which my “Classics of the Corn” series is named), but I’m still excited to watch them. No special features here, just six films on two discs.
  • Gilmore Girls, Season 4 (DVD)
    A gift from my mom. (Hi mom!) Special features: Gilmore Goodies and Gossip, Who Wants to Get Together? featurette, and Stars Hollow Challenge Trivia Quiz
  • An Education (DVD)
    Special features include: Deleted scenes, director commentary, actor commentary, The Making of An Education featurette, Walking the Red Carpet Featurette
  • Endless Love (DVD)
    Special feature: The Making of Endless Love
  • Nebraska (DVD)
    No special features listed.

Entertainment-related books/ephemera

  • Ingrid Bergman by Curtis F. Brown
    Biography/pictorial. Galahad Books, 1973 edition. Part of the Pictorial Treasury of Film Stars series.
  • Our Glorious Century (Reader’s Digest Association)
    Not totally movie-related, but this overview of the 20th century does include quite a bit of information about pop culture — the fashion, the movies, the music, the television shows.
  • Show Biz from Vaude to Video by Abel Green & Joe Laurie, Jr.
    Henry Holt and Company, 1951 edition
  • Stella Dallas by Olive Higgins Prouty
    My love for the Stanwyck film version of this is well-known. I’m excited to finally give the book a read! The edition I picked up from my library book sale is a vintage edition, but I’m not quite sure of the year. The copyright date is 1923, but I know the edition I have is from 1925 or later, because the dust jacket mentions “A Samuel Goldwyn Photoplay with an All Star Cast.” I’m on the hunt for answers!
  • Vanity Will Get You Somewhere: An Autobiography by Joseph Cotten
    This book has the ugliest font I’ve ever seen on the cover of an old Hollywood autobiography, but luckily that doesn’t kill my excitement, haha. I love Joseph Cotten’s films but have never read much about him, so this has been an interesting read! I’m currently about a third of the way into it.