September 2015 in Film

September was a whirlwind of a month as I began the final semester of my MLIS program, applied for graduation, and continued working on the end-of-program portfolio I have to submit in order to graduate. On the blog front, I participated in three blogathons, dedicated to William Wellman, Lauren Bacall, and TCM. It was a busy month and I’m doing more coursework than ever… but I still managed to make time for movies, of course! (What’s sleep? Who needs it?) Let’s take a look at what I watched in September.

New-to-me viewings: 22

Re-watches: 2

Total for September: 24

Total for 2015, so far: 257

The new-to-me list:


  • Stronger Than Desire (1939)
  • The Kiss (1929)
  • The Black Raven (1943)
  • Carve Her Name with Pride (1958)
  • Alex of Venice (2014)
  • If I Stay (2014)
  • I Can Get It for You Wholesale (1951)
  • Evergreen (1934)
  • The Perfect Guy (2015)
  • Sorority House (1939)
  • The Man Who Played God (1932)
  • God’s Not Dead (2014)
  • War Room (2015)
  • Honeymoon for Three (1941)
  • Let’s Do It Again (1953)
  • Next Time I Marry (1938)
  • The Gay Falcon (1941)
  • The Invisible Boy (1957)
  • The Intern (2015)
  • Blondie Has Servant Trouble (1940)
  • Blondie Plays Cupid (1940)
  • Blondie Goes Latin (1941)

Those three Blondie flicks at the end of the month give away the secret that I’m finally reviewing Volume 2 of Echo Bridge’s five-film Blondie sets, haha. I expected to have that done sooner… like, a year sooner… but such is life. Please note as well that Carve Her Name with Pride and Evergreen are linked; the reviews for those have already been posted. Check ’em out if you missed them!


Viewing methods:

  • At the cinema – 3
  • DVR/TV (non-TCM) – 1
  • From my collection – 3
  • Netflix- 4
  • Netflix DVD – 1
  • Roku movie channels – 1
  • TCM/WatchTCM – 11

Another big month for TCM/WatchTCM! I am loving WatchTCM as much as ever. When it first came out, I thought I’d use it to catch stuff I forgot to tape. Instead, I’ve been using it to discover films that I passed over on the schedule. It’s been a wonderful discovery tool!

By decade:

  • 1910s – 0
  • 1920s – 2
  • 1930s – 5
  • 1940s – 6
  • 1950s – 4
  • 1960s – 0
  • 1970s – 0
  • 1980s – 0
  • 1990s – 0
  • 2000s – 1
  • 2010s – 6

The current decade and the 1940s are tied for most-viewed this month. Classic to modern ratio is 17:7 including the two silent films I viewed this month, 15:7 if we’re talkin’ talkies only. Not too shabby!

Hope you all had a successful September, and here’s to a month of spooky viewing in October!

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