On the sixth day of Christmas TMP gives to you… a recycled review? We’re taking a little rewind today in TMP Christmasland. And speaking of rewinds, before we get to today’s film, here are links to the past five days of Christmas in case you missed ’em:

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| Bundle of Joy | A Christmas Wish |

I made a huge scheduling flub, folks! In November, I chose the eight films that I would feature during this holiday series by looking through my DVD collection and various streaming sites, making sure there would be no duplicates to previous years by checking the blog index. One film that I chose was Beyond Christmas (1940), available in a colorized version on Hulu. Little did I know, I actually had seen this film before. I covered it just last year — under its alternate title, Beyond Tomorrow! I finished the film anyway after realizing I’d seen it before, in hopes I could come up with something new to say about it, but I feel basically the same about it as I did this time last year. And I couldn’t come up with another film to watch in time to fill this slot in Eight Days of Christmas, so instead, today you can check out my review from last year, if you’d like. Click the image below to visit the post, and we’ll be back in action tomorrow with a brand new review of Remember the Night!

Click this image to read last year's review of 'Beyond Christmas'/'Beyond Tomorrow' (Image via Pinterest)
Click this image to read last year’s review of ‘Beyond Christmas’/’Beyond Tomorrow’ (Image via Pinterest)