In March of 2012, I compiled two lists for TMP: 10 “Buzzwords” and 10 “Dealbreakers” when choosing films to watch. Last week I revisited my dealbreakers, taking about how I busted a few of ’em. Today I’ll be looking at the old buzzwords and adding some to the list!

The “buzzwords” list in 2012 included:

  • Cary Grant
  • 1940s musical
  • Pre-code
  • Sisters
  • Period piece
  • Suspense
  • “Based on the novel”
  • “Based on a true story”
  • Animals
  • Journalism

All of these buzzwords are still things that excite me when choosing films. I love a good pre-code and am discovering more of them just about every month. Period pieces still capture my imagination in both film and television, with their elaborate sets and costumes. Suspense is still one of my go-to genres, and I’ll watch basically anything with the words “mystery” or “thriller” attached.

I’m no longer working toward a career in journalism, having spent the past two years on a master’s degree in a different field, but I still love movies about the newsroom. Inspired by my new field of career/study, I’ve taken a real liking to watching different portrayals of librarians on film. Add “library” and “librarian” to the list.

Stories about sisters still tug at my heartstrings, reminding me of my relationship with my own sister. I’d add another, similar buzzword here: stories about female friendships, like Life Partners.

The 1940s is still one of my favorite musical decades, but I’d alter that buzzword to just musicals in general. The genre has become a real favorite, and I’ll watch most any musical, from the public domain flicks of the Mill Creek 50 Classic Musicals set to the recent Grease Live TV special.

There are probably hundreds more words I could add to my “buzz” list. My interests and the scope of my viewing experiences are ever-growing since I’ve been at this whole blogging business for over four years now.

What are the buzzwords that get you excited about the new-to-you films you discover? Feel free to discuss in the comments!