Movies with dad: His Nicholas Sparks ranking

Dad would, predictably, name action as his favorite movie genre, but he’s willing to admit that corny, sappy movies can be incredibly entertaining even though they’re not technically great. As a result, like me, he’s seen all of the Nicholas Sparks films, and also like me, isn’t ashamed of it! So today, continuing the “Movies with Dad” series, he’s offered to share his best-to-worst ranking, which is a fair bit different than my own.

(Image via
(Image via

Message in a Bottle
Dad’s ranking: 1
My ranking: 2
Dad loves boats. This film not only has boats, but is unquestionably one of the few genuinely good films made from Nicholas Sparks stories, so it ranks at number one for Dad.

The Notebook
Dad’s ranking: 2
My ranking: 1
Our first and second-place choices are swapped, but Dad still agrees that The Notebook is one of Sparks’ two best flicks.

A Walk to Remember
Dad’s ranking: 3
My ranking: 3
We both place A Walk to Remember in third place. No surprise there as I’m sure he watched this film about a million times with my sister and I when we were younger!

Dear John
Dad’s ranking: 4
My ranking: 9
One of our biggest divisions in Nicholas Sparks opinion, Dad ranks this military romance at fourth, while it landed low on my list, at ninth.

(Image via Chrizen)
(Image via Chrizen)

The Longest Ride
Dad’s ranking: 5
My ranking: 6
Similar rankings here, though the fact that Dad places this one below Dear John puts us in complete disagreement!

The Best of Me
Dad’s ranking: 6
My ranking: 8
We still talk about this film’s organ-donation plot twist from time to time, haha.

The Choice
Dad’s ranking: 7
My ranking: 5
Again, I find myself baffled that Dad thinks Dear John is better than this movie haha.

Safe Haven
Dad’s ranking: 8
My ranking: 4
Another divisive film! I ranked it at fourth, Dad at eighth. He likes this one and the fact that it’s more suspenseful than most Sparks fare, but ultra-sappy romance is what Sparks does best, so those films win out on Dad’s list.

(Image via
(Image via

The Lucky One
Dad’s ranking: 9
My ranking: 7
Given the military boost he gave Dear John, I’m surprised The Lucky One lands so low on Dad’s ranking.

Nights in Rodanthe
Dad’s ranking: 10
My ranking: 11
While dad acknowledges that this film is no masterpiece, he says “I like Richard Gere movies more than I like Miley Cyrus movies.”

The Last Song
Dad’s ranking: 11
My ranking: 10
This one earns last place due to the involvement of miss Miley. The gal has held a firm spot on dad’s “least favorite celebrities” list since her Hannah Montana days.

How does Dad’s list compare to your own? Share in the comments — or feel free to just laugh at us for our love of the cheese!

2 thoughts on “Movies with dad: His Nicholas Sparks ranking

  1. I’m right up there with you two: I would rank ‘Message in a Bottle’ at #1 and ‘The Notebook’ at #2. But that’s only because those are the only two Sparks-based movies I’ve seen!


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