I’m one of those people that constantly rearranges things, looking for better ways to organize and catalog. When it comes to my film-related collections, I’ve tried it all: creating databases and spreadsheets, using barcode-scanning apps, keeping simple lists on paper, creating a categorized list on Listography.

A partial page from my list of owned films on Letterboxd!

My most recent idea for my DVD and Blu collection was to add every title to a list on Letterboxd — including every individual title in the boxed sets I own — for easier sorting.

Finishing the list, I saw that I own just over 1,000 films. I’ve sort of fallen out of the habit of doing monthly collection updates on the blog, but seeing all of the films I own listed together made me realize that there’s a lot to talk about on those shelves of mine!

So, behold, a new feature: Collector’s Corner. Every other Wednesday, I’ll be sharing something related to my DVD/Blu collection, film-related book collection, or vintage movie mag collection.

To begin, I’d like to share that Letterboxd list I spent an entire evening creating:

“On the Shelves”: Every film in my collection

And to get up to speed, here’s a little list of what has been added to the collection since the last update on the blog:

Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, and Zachary Scott have their “emotions stripped bare!” in Appointment in Honduras (Image via Movie Poster Shop)
  • RKO Adventure Classics Double Feature
    Includes Appointment in Honduras (1953) and Escape to Burma (1955). I initally bought it for Escape to Burma, which I needed to watch for the Stanwyck Project. However, I’m also pretty excited to watch Appointment in Honduras after realizing it stars Glenn Ford and Ann Sheridan!
  • Universal Multi-pack: 10 War Films
    Includes The Eagle and the Hawk (1933), The Last Outpost (1935), Wake Island (1942), Bengal Brigade (1954), To Hell and Back (1955), Battle Hymn (1957), Jet Pilot (1957), In Enemy Country (1968), Raid on Rommel (1971), and Ulzana’s Raid (1972).
  • The Longest Ride (2015) and The Choice (2016)
    It’s no secret here on the blog that Nicholas Sparks flicks are my not-really-guilty “guilty pleasures.” These two purchases (which, fear not, were made at bargain prices) complete my Sparks collection.
  • Coco Before Chanel (2009)
    A $2.99 Goodwill find, still in the shrinkwrap! I rented this from Redbox several years ago and haven’t seen it since. Interested to watch it again. I remember enjoying it a lot.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
    A bargain bin impulse buy! I had recently seen the sequel when I came across this in one of Best Buy’s big bins. It’s another one I haven’t seen in a long time but will be re-watching soon.
  • Sunny (2011)
    One of my favorite film discoveries of 2017 so far! My mom and I rented this South Korean film from her local public library when I was visiting her a few months ago. Immediately had to buy it on DVD. Such a wonderful, funny, sweet story of friendship.
A still from 2011’s Sunny (Image via gooddrama.us)
  • Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
    Gifted from mom. Once again, I haven’t seen this movie in years, but will be interested to watch it again!
  • The Way West (1967)
    A Western (obviously) starring Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum, those old foes from Out of the Past. My dad actually discovered this one (look at him, turning into an old movie buff!) when it aired on TV several weeks ago… with commercials. I want to watch it, and he wants to watch it again without commercials, so into the collection it goes!
  • Split (2017)
    Somehow this has become my sister and I’s most-quoted movie of the year. I can’t count the amount of times we’ve texted each other with “I just ate a hot dog,” or put on Hedwig voices to say “That would be SO. COOL!”
  • Mad Men: The Final Season, Part 2
    Finally, my Mad Men collection is complete! Not sure why it took me so long to pick this one up, but my sister recently started a re-watch of the series (by borrowing my DVDs). She’s never seen the final season, so I wanted her to be able to watch it, and of course wanted to be able to re-watch it myself.
  • Thirtysomething: Season 1, Vol. 2
    I was very excited to find this. Several years ago my mom had picked up Volumes 1 and 2 at Target. She watched the show in its original run but I was a literal baby at that time, so her DVD purchase was my introduction to the series. It’s a great one, and finding this in the shrink-wrap at Goodwill seemed like a real win… until discovering that Season 1 has been released in full now, and the Volume 1 DVD is more difficult to find! Will probably end up buying the complete season and giving this one back to Goodwill, unless I strike gold on ebay or the Amazon marketplace.

There you  have it — everything I’ve picked up in the past couple of months! Stay tuned for more collection-centric posts in the coming weeks!