Welcome back to Collector’s Corner, the bi-weekly series talking all things related to my film collection! Today, we’re referencing my massive Letterboxd “owned” list again, this time for a look at my most-owned genres.

Without further ado, from most-owned to least…

  • Drama: 460 films
  • Comedy: 399 films
  • Romance: 324 films
  • Thriller: 142 films
  • Action: 121 films
  • Crime: 119 films
  • Mystery: 118 films
  • Adventure: 107 films
  • Musical: 101 films
  • Family: 70 films
  • Western: 69 films
  • Fantasy: 65 films
  • Horror: 47 films
  • War: 36 films
  • Sci-fi: 31 films
  • History: 21 films
  • Animation: 18 films
  • Documentary: 7 films

While there is some overlap in the genre lists, since a film can be marked with more than one genre on Letterboxd, I think the numbers offer up a pretty accurate reflection of what I own. (Many films on the comedy list, for example, are rom-coms or screwball comedies that could also appear on the romance list.)

In general, I was unsurprised by the results. Documentary coming in last was completely to be expected, as I tend not to revisit docs (and there’s no sense buying it if you aren’t going to watch it again!).

There’s a difference in favorite genres for discovery vs. genres that produce long-term favorite films, which accounts for some of the lower numbers here. For instance, I watch a decent amount of sci-fi and would consider it a favorite genre when choosing new-to-me films to watch, but only a fraction of those discoveries turn out to be films I add to the collection.

I didn’t expect to see such comparatively low numbers for crime, mystery, or musical films, especially considering that I own a few large box sets in those genres. Going further down the list, I’ve got a pretty good mix of genres in the collection, which reflects my eclectic viewing tastes!

What are your favorite genres? Is your film collection geared toward any particular genres, or do you just buy what you know you’ll want to watch repeatedly, as I do? Feel free to share in the comments!