Period film: The Silenced (2015)

(Image via Korean Film Biz Zone)

Ju-ran (Bo-young Park) is being sent away. Suffering from some sort of chronic illness, her parents know nothing else to do but to ship her off to a sanatorium/boarding school, where her health will hopefully improve.

After arriving, things do improve… at first. The young woman makes a close friend, and the treatment she’s receiving seems to be working.

But something strange is going on at the school. Students are disappearing, and as time passes, Ju-ran begins to notice strange side effects to her own treatment.

The school’s staff assures her she’s imagining things, but could something sinister be happening at the school? Ju-ran becomes determined to find out.

The Silenced was written and directed by Hae-yeong Lee.

Though set in the 1930s, crisp photography and plain boarding school costumes give The Silenced a more timeless look. It’s beautifully shot and designed, sometimes jaw-droppingly stunning. That overgrown woodland pond! That underwater scene! Gorgeous.

Beyond its visual appeal, the boarding school setting is great for adding some suspense, as none of the staff will ‘fess up to what’s really going on. Is Ju-ran “crazy,” or is the school hiding some very dark secrets? It seems highly plausible to the viewer throughout that Ju-ran is not overly-imaginative or paranoid, but being gaslighted by the headmistress and her staff.

(Image via Hancinema)

Park does well in her role. With her character being the center of the film, she does quite a nice job of drawing the viewer in and gaining our sympathy. At the opposite end of the spectrum is her headmistress, a stubborn, gun-toting, red-lipped master of intimidation, portrayed excellently by Ji-won Uhm.

The pace of the film is quite slow and calm. It’s billed as a horror film on Netflix, but that label doesn’t really fit. There are a few spooky scenes, plus elements of mystery and sci-fi (superpowers!), but the film doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. In tone, it sort of reminded me of Shutter Island, with its confined setting, experimentation, and mysterious circumstances.

(Image via Hancinema)

While the pace is slow, the film is nowhere near dull, and while I’ve seen largely middling or negative reviews for it elsewhere, I would recommend giving it a look. The premise, while not entirely unfamiliar, is fascinating. If you like slow-burning dramas with elements of psychological thriller or sci-fi, you’ll probably enjoy it, as I certainly did.

6 thoughts on “Period film: The Silenced (2015)

  1. I’m not a huge fan of this film, but I thought it was well done. And you highlighted its strengths. I may check it out again. I love Park Boyoung! She’s incredible. I recommend her show Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon~


      1. I figured it was probably related to the movie somehow…a cool term. I’ll see if I can use it in a review at least once this year! Thanks for the explanation…and for making Cinema Monolith the subject of all four of your ‘Recommended’ slots today!


  2. […] A few sporadic series got updates this month. Historical Context, in which I share excerpts from my vintage magazine collection, had me sharing some classic movie-related tidbits from a 1958 issue of LOOK. The Second Looks series had one new post in January, a look at a fantastic Deborah Kerr performance in The Innocents (1961). TMP’s exploration of period films also continued, with the 1930s-set boarding school thriller The Silenced (2015). […]


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