August 2019 in Film

Hello, movie buffs! Long time no see! August was a pretty small viewing month for me since I spent nearly half of the month in the woods, but I still watched some cool stuff… so here’s the wrap-up!

New-to-me viewings: 8

Re-watches: 1

Total for August: 9

Total for 2019, so far: 120

The new-to-me list:

  • The Farewell (2019)
  • Don’t Look Now (1973)
  • Robin and Marian (1976)
  • Monterey Pop (1968)
  • The Kitchen (2019)
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette (2019)
  • Blinded by the Light (2019)

Favorite viewings of the month: The Farewell, Don’t Look Now, and Blinded by the Light


  • The Music Man (1962)

Only one re-watch this month, but it was a spectacular one: I got to enjoy The Music Man on the big screen at the wonderful Vogue Theatre in Manistee, Michigan — introduced by Ken Cooper, who previously introduced the film on TCM! Ken was hilarious, and the film was beautiful. I hope to have a whole post up soon on my experiences at the Vogue and the efforts of the wonderful volunteers there. (I saw three films at the Vogue while I was camping in the area!)

Viewing methods:

  • At the cinema – 6
  • Criterion Channel – 3

By decade:

  • 1900s – 0
  • 1910s – 0
  • 1920s – 0
  • 1930s – 0
  • 1940s – 0
  • 1950s – 0
  • 1960s – 2
  • 1970s – 2
  • 1990s – 0
  • 2000s – 0
  • 2010s – 5

Apologies: No “Month in Blogging” section for August, as all I posted were this year’s Summer Under the Stars recommendations.

What did you watch in August? Anything great that you’d like to recommend? Let me know below!

Happy September, and I hope you have a film-filled fall!

4 thoughts on “August 2019 in Film

  1. Well, I haven’t seen ANY film from your list above, which is a rarity, but I must say I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures at the Vogue, and the movies you saw there. I went to the link, and it looks like a very cool place to see a movie.

    As for MY movies for the month: I saw a total of 18, and my favorite ‘new to me’ would have to be ‘Village of the Damned’, and my worst would be the remake of ‘The Vanishing’…not since ‘Alien: Covenant’ have I seen such a collection of brainless morons!


      1. Next, of course, I have to check out ‘Children of the Damned’…not sure where it stands in the ‘Damned’ series, but I’m hoping it’s just as…well, damned.

        And yes, not a bad choice for Halloween!


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