August 2019 in Film

Hello, movie buffs! Long time no see! August was a pretty small viewing month for me since I spent nearly half of the month in the woods, but I still watched some cool stuff… so here’s the wrap-up! New-to-me viewings: 8 Re-watches: 1 Total for August: 9 Total for 2019, so far: 120 The new-to-me … More August 2019 in Film

July 2019 in Film

July was a highly unusual viewing month for me: I did more re-watching than discovering! It was my birthday month,** so I took that as an excuse to kick back and revisit some of my favorite films, which I was overdue on seeing again. Let’s take a look at what I watched! **Side note: I’ll … More July 2019 in Film

June 2019 in Film

New-to-me viewings: 14 Re-watches: 5 Total for June: 19 Total for 2019, so far: 95 The new-to-me list: Rocketman (2019) Logan’s Run (1976) How to Make an American Quilt (1995) Ma (2019) The Leech Woman (1960) Superman (1978) Cult of the Cobra (1955) Late Night (2019) Shaft (2019) Dr. Cyclops (1940) Godzilla: King of the … More June 2019 in Film

April 2019 in Film

Happy May! It’s finally beginning to warm up here in Michigan, and as I type this, I’m sitting at a window overlooking a backyard full of birds. I love spring! We’ve been in May for a day already, but before the month really gets going, it’s time to take a look back at what was … More April 2019 in Film

March 2019 in Film

Happy April and happy spring! Before we thaw out and begin to enjoy the sunshine (and hopefully, soon, warmer temperatures here in Michigan), let’s take a look back at what was watched in March. New-to-me viewings: 12 Re-watches: 7 Total for March: 19 Total for 2019, so far: 51 The new-to-me list: A Madea Family … More March 2019 in Film

February 2019 in Film

It’s alive! And by it, I mean “she.” And by “she,” I mean me. Hello again, movie buffs! I apologize for my unexpected disappearance from the blog for a couple of weeks. February was another wild one. Working like mad, coordinating my Oscar pool (I took second place), dealing with bomb cyclones and power outages, … More February 2019 in Film