In a Lonely Place Poster
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The favorite film:
In a Lonely Place, a 1950 noir classic directed by Nicholas Ray

The synopsis:
Hollywood screenwriter Dixon Steele is more productive than ever after starting up a new romance with his neighbor, Laurel. As their relationship grows, though, Dixon’s volatile and self-destructive behavior causes trouble.

The cast:

  • Humphrey Bogart as Dixon Steele
  • Gloria Grahame as Laurel Gray
  • Carl Benton Reid as Captain Lochner
  • Frank Lovejoy as Brub Nicolai
  • Jeff Donnell as Sylvia Nicolai

Fun facts:

  • Adapted from a novel by Dorothy B. Hughes (which is fantastic but quite different from the film!)
  • Appears in Roger Ebert’s “Great Movies” collection
  • Bogart’s company, Santana Productions, produced the film.
  • Bosley Crowther’s New York Times review of the film said Bogart is “in top form” and “moves flawlessly through a script which is almost as flinty as the actor himself.”
  • Gloria Grahame was married to Nicholas Ray, but they separated as this film was being made (making now as good a time as any to remind you of Marya’s disturbing Grahame/Ray family tree!)
In a Lonely Place Still
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Favorite things/quotes:

  • Scrappy Bogart, ready to fist-fight an ol’ fool in the middle of the street
  • The agent drinking milk at the bar
  • “Everybody makes flops except you. You haven’t had one ’cause you’ve made and remade the same picture for the last twenty years.”
  • “Movie idol of the roaring twenties. Look at ‘im! Gazing into his crystal ball.”
  • “Why don’t you come over? I’ve got a whole case of tonic water.”
  • “Are you sure you haven’t read this book?”
    “No, and I don’t think I’m going to.”
  • “Honey, I have neighbors!”
  • Dix thanking her for not mentioning all of the book’s plots
  • Dix’s super cool apartment with its interior gates!
  • “I didn’t say I was a gentleman. I said I was tired.”
  • Gloria Grahame owning the picture from her first scene (and that glare she shoots at Bogart when she hears Mildred has been murdered)
  • “I noticed him because he looked interesting. I like his face.”
  • “He’s hiding something! And I doubt it’s the proverbial heart of gold.”
  • “I said I liked it. I didn’t say I wanted to kiss it.”
  • Bogie and Grahame are so great to watch together. That forwardness! That banter!
  • “I’ve killed dozens of people… in pictures.”
  • Dix’s agent snooping in the window
In a Lonely Place Still 2
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  • “What do you use? Witchcraft?”
    “Only as a last resort.”
  • “If he’d met you ten years ago, I wouldn’t have ulcers today.”
  • Dix imitating Laurel: “Honey, haven’t I read this somewhere before?”
  • “Blind, knuckle-headed squirrel”
  • “I was born when she kissed me, I died when she left me, I lived a few weeks while she loved me.” Iconic.
  • “What an imagination. That’s from writing movies.”
    “What a grip. That’s from counting money.”
  • “I came here because I wanted to say these things out loud and be laughed at… but you’re not laughing.”
  • Mel’s excitement over the engagement (and Laurel’s distinct lack of excitement)
  • Charlie in his fancy-dress and top hat
  • “I’m the guy that tried to talk Selznick out of doing Gone With the Wind!”
  • The entire final ten minutes or so in Laurel’s apartment (and THAT ENDING)