Lucky Partners (1940)

“A journey into the absurd, with a delightful companion, and no consequences and no regrets!” Jean (Ginger Rogers) and David (Ronald Coleman) are passing each other on the street one day when he wishes her good luck. Soon after, Jean is given an expensive dress for free and becomes convinced the stranger genuinely brought her good luck. Sure that he’s a lucky man, Jean asks … Continue reading Lucky Partners (1940)

Favorite things about… The Letter (1940)

The favorite film: The Letter, a 1940 crime drama directed by William Wyler The cast: Bette Davis as Leslie Crosbie Herbert Marshall as Robert Crosbie James Stephenson as Howard Joyce Frieda Inescort as Dorothy Joyce Gale Sondergaard as Mrs. Hammond The synopsis: Leslie Crosbie has just shot and killed a man, Jeff Hammond. When pressed for details by her husband Robert, she claims that she … Continue reading Favorite things about… The Letter (1940)

One year, one film: 1940 – Our Town

The film: Our Town, dir. Sam Wood starring William Holden and Martha Scott Rating: Recommended | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED | Must-See Though the genre doesn’t appeal to everyone, I love a sentimental drama. 1940’s Our Town is one of my favorite slightly-sappy film discoveries from recent years. Set in the small town of Grovers Corner at the turn of the 20th century, Our Town explores several … Continue reading One year, one film: 1940 – Our Town