“A journey into the absurd, with a delightful companion, and no consequences and no regrets!”

Jean (Ginger Rogers) and David (Ronald Coleman) are passing each other on the street one day when he wishes her good luck. Soon after, Jean is given an expensive dress for free and becomes convinced the stranger genuinely brought her good luck.

Sure that he’s a lucky man, Jean asks David to go in on a sweepstakes ticket with her. He agrees — but only if they can conduct an experiment by using the winnings to travel the country together on a faux-honeymoon.

It sounds like a delightful plan, for two attractive and single people… but Jean happens to be engaged to Freddie (Jack Carson). Complications ensue.

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Lucky Partners was directed by Lewis Milestone. It is based on the story “Bonne Chance” by Sacha Guitry, which was first adapted to film in France in 1935.

There are few things I love more than a Ginger Rogers rom-com! This one co-stars Ronald Coleman and has a bright mood from the beginning. I was on board with this couple from the moment they began walking backward on the street, to stare at each other after the meet-cute.

I only loved Rogers and Coleman more as the film progresses. Their chemistry and banter are great. The honeymoon-if-we-win premise gives some “will they or won’t they” tension and is plenty of fun to watch — I’m always a sucker for a cheeky love-hate romance. They plot to prank one another and have silly arguments, but they’re also heart-achingly adorable. (See: that goodnight phone call scene. “Is the moon shining through your window?”)

Bonus: Ginger’s character, Jean, works at a bookshop! (Image via IMDb)

Jean’s fiance holds no candle to the suave and charming David, but he’s another fun addition to the film, adding a layer of complication to the plot (in addition to some tension and screwballishness).

On her own, Rogers’ character is wonderful — confidence personified. In one scene, David tells her, “You dazzle me.” She replies, “I dazzle myself.” What a queen!

Lucky Partners is cute as heck. I loved every minute of watching it, already bought the DVD, and listed it among my 2018 favorites. Needless to say, I highly recommend it!