The Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them (1992)

David (Arye Gross) is the type of skeevy dude who uses a periscope in a bar to spy on the legs of ladies walking past the bar, on the street outside. Carrie (Courteney Cox) is a smart, successful woman who will have none of David’s pick-up tactics. Upon entering the bar, she smashes his hands with the foldable handles of the periscope and gives him … Continue reading The Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them (1992)

Classics of the Corn: Simply Irresistible (1999)

Ah, the cheesy late-’90s rom-com. There are few things I enjoy more, especially when they’ve got a wacky twist like today’s film, 1999’s Simply Irresistible. The film was directed by Mark Tarlov and written by Judith Roberts. My mom picked up this film in a bargain bin at the grocery store and after one viewing decided that it was too weird for her to watch … Continue reading Classics of the Corn: Simply Irresistible (1999)

Classics of the Corn: The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

I don’t think there are many people who can hear the name Brady without the familiar tune of “Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…” automatically playing in their heads. Capitalizing on the lasting corny legacy of The Brady Bunch, some genius decided to make a film remake of the classic television series in 1995. The film follows Mike and Carol Brady as they struggle … Continue reading Classics of the Corn: The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

Period film: The Brylcreem Boys (1998)

The year is 1941. Ireland is trying to remain neutral amidst the second world war, and the Irish government has made a deal with the governments of Berlin and London in which any soldier – allied or otherwise – that is captured on Irish soil will be kept interned until the war ends. But what the Irish government didn’t tell anyone was that all soldiers would … Continue reading Period film: The Brylcreem Boys (1998)

Period film: I.Q. (1994)

Catherine Boyd (Meg Ryan) is an intelligent, educated woman who wants nothing more than for her intelligent, educated boyfriend James Moreland (Stephen Fry) to finally marry and start a family with her. When Catherine and James run into car trouble one day, they’re assisted by an auto mechanic named Edward Walters (Tim Robbins), who falls in love with Catherine at first sight. Unfortunately for poor … Continue reading Period film: I.Q. (1994)

Period Film: A League of Their Own (1992)

World War II is in full swing, and since so many men have gone off to fight, the owners of professional baseball teams are scrambling to find a way to save their teams from dormancy. They decide to form teams with women, just as many other industries filled positions typically reserved for men with female workers during the war. Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and her … Continue reading Period Film: A League of Their Own (1992)

Childhood Favorites Revisited: Mousehunt (1997)

In December of 1997 I was six years old. As a very frequent zoo visitor and owner of two precious cats, I loved animal movies. (Hell, I still love animal movies.) So naturally, when Mousehunt was released that month, I saw one of the posters – which features an adorable mouse holding a pile of crackers, cheese and olives – and immediately decided that it … Continue reading Childhood Favorites Revisited: Mousehunt (1997)

Reviews in a line or two: Keith, Daddy’s Girl and Girl in Progress

Keith (2008) IMDb synopsis: “17-year-old Natalie thinks she’s got it all figured out until she falls for a guy who has nothing to lose.” Dir. Todd Kessler; Written by Kessler and David Zabel Starring Elisabeth Harnois and Jesse McCartney Keith is a bit lifetime-y and has sometimes been described as a gender-reversed version of A Walk to Remember, but don’t let that deter you: I … Continue reading Reviews in a line or two: Keith, Daddy’s Girl and Girl in Progress

Period Film: A Walk on the Moon (1999)

Pearl Kantrowitz is a bored housewife. She married young, has a couple of kids (Anna Paquin, Bobby Boriello) and is frustrated by the lack of sympathy her husband Marty (Liev Schreiber) seems to have for the monotony of her daily life. In the summer of 1969, the family packs up and heads to the camp community that they will call home for a few months. … Continue reading Period Film: A Walk on the Moon (1999)

Favorite Things About… Clueless

The favorite film: Clueless, a 1995 Paramount teen comedy written and directed by Amy Heckerling The synopsis: The lifestyle of Beverly Hills teens is parodied through the character of Cher – a pretty, popular and peppy high schooler – and her friends as they struggle with their grades, fall in love and fight the daily battle of choosing shoes that match their sweaters. The cast: … Continue reading Favorite Things About… Clueless