Mad Men Memories: Season 1, Episodes 1 – 6

The series finale of Mad Men aired last month, and I have yet to fully recover. Naturally, this has led me to begin re-watching the series from the beginning. “Mad Men Memories” is a new series on the blog where I’ll simply be sharing my favorite moments from each season, in the form of screen captures and quotes, as I re-watch! (I know this is … Continue reading Mad Men Memories: Season 1, Episodes 1 – 6

Period film: The Group (1966)

Eight friends are graduating from college in the class of 1933. These women are intelligent and driven, very hopeful about the future despite the fact that the country is in the middle of a depression. The women are: Dottie (Joan Hackett) – a promising scholar who gives it all up when she falls for a bohemian womanizer Helena (Kathleen Widdoes) – an artist who hopes … Continue reading Period film: The Group (1966)

Period film: Hammett (1982)

“This is an entirely imaginary story about the writer Samuel Dashiell Hammett, who… in the words of one of his most gifted contemporaries… helped get murder out of the Vicar’s rose garden and back to the people who are really good at it. The detective story has not been the same since.” I was hoping from the opening titlecard bearing this message that Hammett (1982) … Continue reading Period film: Hammett (1982)

Period Film: A Walk on the Moon (1999)

Pearl Kantrowitz is a bored housewife. She married young, has a couple of kids (Anna Paquin, Bobby Boriello) and is frustrated by the lack of sympathy her husband Marty (Liev Schreiber) seems to have for the monotony of her daily life. In the summer of 1969, the family packs up and heads to the camp community that they will call home for a few months. … Continue reading Period Film: A Walk on the Moon (1999)

Book vs. film: Shutter Island

*This post contains spoilers for both the book and film versions of Shutter Island. I’ve tried to avoid them as much as possible, but read with caution! Major spoilers are clearly marked. Shutter Island has once been described by the writer as a mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the work of the Bronte sisters. Dennis Lehane published this suspenseful novel in 2003 … Continue reading Book vs. film: Shutter Island