Netflix Instant Pick #2


The Majestic (2001) stars Jim Carrey as screenwriter Peter Appleton. Peter is in danger of being put on the infamous HUAC blacklist when a car accident changes his life. After the car accident he is left with amnesia and finds himself in a small town, mistaken for a local World War II hero named Luke.

Jim Carrey is one of those actors that people either love or hate. His acting can be very over-the-top in his comedic films, making it easy to see why some people may be rubbed the wrong way by his performances.

However, Carrey has proved on many occasions that he is an extremely capable dramatic actor. In my opinion, his dramatic chops far surpass any of his comedic performances, and are actually the reason I even consider myself a fan. Films like The Majestic and The Number 23 really show off his potential.

Combined with Carrey’s fantastic performance is a generally accurate portrayal of the HUAC trials and the shock waves that World War II sent through small towns across the country. We get to see how the disappearance of Luke and his apparent return affect different characters of the town.

It’s a bit long and slow-moving, but if you’re interested in the HUAC trials or World War II at all, it doesn’t drag.

The Majestic is available on Netflix via mail and for instant viewing.

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