Gish Sisters Blogathon: Lillian Gish in Sweet Liberty

A note from Lindsey: Welcome to Day 2 of the Gish Sisters Blogathon! Today I’m posting a Lillian review, and tomorrow will be dedicated to Dorothy, but I’ll also be keeping up with the master list of everyone’s contributions as the celebration continues. To see what all of our wonderful participants have come up with, visit yesterday’s post, “The Gish Sisters Blogathon is here!” Lillian … Continue reading Gish Sisters Blogathon: Lillian Gish in Sweet Liberty

Betsy’s Wedding (1990)

Betsy’s Wedding (1990): 3/5 Molly Ringwald is Betsy, a young woman who gets engaged and wants an unconventional wedding. Her father, after learning of the engagement, wants to give her the most grand and extravagant wedding possible. Betsy comes from a working-class family. Her dad is a construction worker. Her fiance, Jake, comes from a family of rich, conservative WASPs. As wedding plans begin to … Continue reading Betsy’s Wedding (1990)