Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Back in November, I introducted a subcategory of Collector’s Corner called Star Collections. In this series I share all of the films, books, and magazines I own featuring a particular classic film star. The series started with Cary Grant, so it’s only appropriate that the second installment feature my favorite actress: Barbara Stanwyck! Stanwyck Books… Read More Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Variety Girl (1947)

“This picture is dedicated to Variety Clubs International,” the opening title reads. “‘The Heart of Show Business,’ which beats constantly in behalf of the children of the world regardless of race, creed or color.” With this declaration begins Variety Girl, a 1947 film featuring many familiar faces in a Hollywood Canteen-style star parade. So, how… Read More Variety Girl (1947)

California (1946)

It’s the place “where the sun takes his shoes off.” It’s the place that “has got everything but population.” I’m referring, of course, to none other than 1840s California — soon to become known as the golden state! Jonathan Trumbo (Ray Milland) has been hired to lead one of the first wagon trains to make… Read More California (1946)

The Letters (1973)

Mail service is usually pretty predictable. You drop a letter in a mailbox, and depending on how far it’s traveling, you can usually expect it to be received in a matter of days… unless some sort of accident occurs. When a U. S. mail plane crashes, the usual service is, of course, disrupted. Three letter-senders… Read More The Letters (1973)