TMP Reads: Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti

Today as a part of the TMP Reads book review series, I’m taking a look at a beast of a book that rivals the film-school favorite Film Art in its level of detail and wealth of information: Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti. Understanding Movies was first published in 1972 by Prentice-Hall. Though it clocks in at only 486 pages (not including the index), which seems … Continue reading TMP Reads: Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti

TMP Reads: Cinema by Kenneth W. Leish

Kenneth W. Leish’s Cinema was published in 1974 by Newsweek Books. Blending his own research with excerpts other well-known, film-centric tomes, Leish’s book is also packed with stunning images and illustrations from all eras of classic film. Cinema covers film history, production, the development of certain genres, the transition from silents to talkies, Academy Award winners, box office hits throughout the years and more. With … Continue reading TMP Reads: Cinema by Kenneth W. Leish

Favorite films of Stanley Donen

Happy 89th birthday to one of my favorite directors and choreographers of the classic era, Stanley Donen! The following are a few of my favorites from his filmography, listed chronologically because I love them all equally. On the Town I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that On the Town is my favorite musical of all time. Few films of any genre have packed so … Continue reading Favorite films of Stanley Donen

Films in 2012: November

New to me in November: 29 Re-watches in November: 18 Total watched in November: 47 (Approx. 1.57 per day) Total watched in 2012 so far: 557 November “new to me” list: The Locket (1946) Mother Dao, the Turtlelike (1995) Swimming With Sharks (1994) When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Footloose (2011) N!ai, The Story of a !Kung Woman (1980) Flight … Continue reading Films in 2012: November