Wings for the Eagle (1942)

Corky Jones (Dennis Morgan) and Gil Borden (Don DeFore) are looking for jobs in Burbank, California when they’re plucked from obscurity to champion the war effort at the very respectable Lockheed aircraft factory. Though the U.S. is technically still neutral when they’re hired on, it’s preparing for war, producing large numbers of fighter jets and bombers. While awaiting his first paycheck, Corky stays with his … Continue reading Wings for the Eagle (1942)

The Very Thought of You (1944)

The war is on, and Dave Stewart has been on active duty for over a year with his buddy Fixit Gilman. They’re finally being given a short leave to visit California. While on their three-day pass, Dave and Fixit head to Pasadena, where Dave went to college. On the bus, they meet Cora Colton (Faye Emerson) and Janet Wheeler (Eleanor Parker). Girl-crazy Fixit is instantly … Continue reading The Very Thought of You (1944)

The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949)

Jennifer “Smitty” Smith (Jane Wyman) is a consumer protection expert, head of the Buyer’s Research Institute. She’s just received news that she’ll be getting an endowment to allow her to continue her research, and decides to celebrate with an afternoon out on her boat. When the boat is capsized by a rising submarine, Smitty insists that the sub’s captain, who calls himself “Davey Jones” (Dennis … Continue reading The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949)

Kisses for Breakfast (1941)

Juliet Marsden (Shirley Ross) is a woman in love… but not with her fiance. Breaking her engagement to Lucius Lorimer (Jerome Cowan), she instead decides to marry Rodney Trask (Dennis Morgan), a handsome crooner who is fully smitten with her. This isn’t the first time she’s walked out on Lucius. According to Juliet’s friend Betty (Lee Patrick), there have been flings with Tom, Dick, Harry, … Continue reading Kisses for Breakfast (1941)

Cattle Town (1952)

The Civil War has ended in the United States, and the state of Texas has found itself in big financial trouble — practically bankrupt. Investors are flooding in from the north and snatching up land, including Judd Hastings (Ray Teal) and his daughter Marian (Amanda Blake), who own a cattle company. Hastings asks the governor for some help when a group of squatters — ranchers who … Continue reading Cattle Town (1952)

Tear Gas Squad (1940)

Joe McCabe (George Reeves) is a pharmacist who finds himself in a sticky situation when a wounded robber demands to be treated by him. Rather than treating the man, Joe places him under arrest and becomes a hero. Joe’s older brother, Tommy (Dennis Morgan), is a nightclub singer. In the audience for his performance one night is Jerry Sullivan (Gloria Dickson), a pretty lady who … Continue reading Tear Gas Squad (1940)

Affectionately Yours (1941)

Having the opportunity to travel the world as a reporter can turn a married man into a womanizer – or so is the case for Rickey Mayberry (Dennis Morgan). Though his caring wife, Sue (Merle Oberon), waits for him in the States, Rickey spends his “business” trips flirting with just about every attractive woman he comes in contact with. Rickey often ropes in the ladies, … Continue reading Affectionately Yours (1941)