California (1946)

It’s the place “where the sun takes his shoes off.” It’s the place that “has got everything but population.” I’m referring, of course, to none other than 1840s California — soon to become known as the golden state! Jonathan Trumbo (Ray Milland) has been hired to lead one of the first wagon trains to make … More California (1946)

Kings Row (1942)

Kings Row is “a good town. A good clean town. A good town to live in and a good place to raise your children.” But is it as perfect as it seems? Parris Mitchell (Robert Cummings), Cassandra Tower (Betty Field), Drake McHugh (Ronald Reagan), Louise Gordon (Nancy Coleman), and Randy Monaghan (Ann Sheridan) are five young … More Kings Row (1942)

Destiny (1921)

A young couple is traveling through the country by carriage when they pick up a hitchhiker. The man is odd, dressed in all black and having a strange aura about him. They’re suspicious of him, but what they don’t know is that the stranger is none other than Death. Unfortunately for them, Death has no … More Destiny (1921)