All This, and Heaven Too (1940)

Henriette (Bette Davis) is beginning a new job as a teacher at an all-girls school in New York, but she’s off to a rocky start. One of her students suspects that she may be the infamous “Mademoiselle D,” a woman caught in a scandal which was highly publicized in the French-language newspapers. Word begins to spread about Henriette’s past, and she’s forced to confront her … Continue reading All This, and Heaven Too (1940)

Kings Row (1942)

Kings Row is “a good town. A good clean town. A good town to live in and a good place to raise your children.” But is it as perfect as it seems? Parris Mitchell (Robert Cummings), Cassandra Tower (Betty Field), Drake McHugh (Ronald Reagan), Louise Gordon (Nancy Coleman), and Randy Monaghan (Ann Sheridan) are five young people growing up in Kings Row. All come from different … Continue reading Kings Row (1942)

No Man of Her Own (1950)

Happy #Noirvember! TMP is celebrating the genre this month with a noir review every Sunday. Today’s review is also a part of the Barbara Stanwyck Filmography Project, one of her many films noir, No Man of Her Own. Previously in this series: When Strangers Marry (1944), Decoy (1946) The police are after Helen Ferguson (Barbara Stanwyck). In her once-happy home in the sleepy town of … Continue reading No Man of Her Own (1950)

Halloweek: The Hidden Hand (1942)

Welcome back to Halloweekl! TMP’s annual celebration of all things spooky in the days leading up to Halloween has been extended from four days to seven! Today’s chiller is a 1942 haunted house mystery, The Hidden Hand. Stay tuned for more through Tuesday! John Channing (Milton Parsons) has escaped from an asylum and returned to the family home, where his sister Lorinda (Cecil Cunningham) lives. … Continue reading Halloweek: The Hidden Hand (1942)

Favorite things about… Rebecca (1940)

The favorite film: Rebecca, a 1940 romantic thriller from the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock The synopsis: When a shy young woman meets and falls in love with the wealthy Maxim de Winter in Monte Carlo, they quickly marry before heading back to his Cornwall estate, Manderley. But after arriving, the bride finds that the memory of Maxim’s first wife still looms large over Manderley. … Continue reading Favorite things about… Rebecca (1940)

The Young Runaways (1968)

Deanie Donford (Patty McCormack) is tired of her parents trying to control her life. Dewey Norson (Kevin Coughlin) is a small-town high school senior afraid to disappoint his parents. Shelly Allen (Brooke Bundy) is the daughter of a busy ad executive, neglected by her father in favor of his work. Each of these teens decides to leave home, running away to Chicago, leaving school and their … Continue reading The Young Runaways (1968)

Second Looks: Titanic (1953)

This review was written for the Barbara Stanwyck filmography project, my quest to watch every film the actress ever made! For more reviews from this project, visit the dedicated index. Julia Sturges (Barbara Stanwyck) has boarded the Titanic with her two children, Annette (Audrey Dalton) and Norman (Harper Carter). She plans to take them to her hometown in northern Michigan and raise them in a … Continue reading Second Looks: Titanic (1953)