Redhead (1941)

Ted Brown (Johnny Downs), a young man with no motivation or aspirations, is driving his dad nuts. Desperate to change his son’s attitude, the older Mr. Brown hires a beautiful girl named Dale Carter (June Lang), paying her $10,000 to whip Ted into shape. Things get predictably complicated when Dale finds herself truly falling for Ted. This 1941 romance, Redhead, was released by Poverty Row … Continue reading Redhead (1941)

Eric Blore: What a Character!

Most of the great character actors of yesteryear have become unfairly forgotten by modern audiences. From eternally tough gangster types to the old woman next door, these actors took roles that were small but often very important to the films. One such actor was Eric Blore. Born in England in 1887, Blore – like many stars of his time – got his start on the … Continue reading Eric Blore: What a Character!

Breakfast for Two (1937)

Drunken playboys, bankruptcy, one ditsy actress, a witty butler, a sneaky Texas debutante and a few talking pets make up the screwball romantic comedy Breakfast for Two. Barbara Stanwyck stars as the aforementioned debutante, Valentine Ransome, who meets playboy Jonathon Blair (Herbert Marshall) while she’s on a trip to the big city. After bringing him home to safety after finding him in a drunken stupor, … Continue reading Breakfast for Two (1937)