Ride the Wild Surf (1964)

Three friends — Jody, Steamer, and Chase — have come to Oahu in search of the world’s biggest waves. Surfers from around the world have come to the island to compete against one another. Along the way, the young men face arguments, injuries, and romantic complications. Ride the Wild Surf  was written and produced by Jo and Art Napoleon. The film was directed by Don … Continue reading Ride the Wild Surf (1964)

Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961)

Blythe Holloway (Toby Michaels) and Gordon Slide (Tommy Sands) are classmates and best friends. They attend a small college called San Paleo, where Gordon excels in each class and is a bit of a smart-aleck toward authority figures. Blythe is naïve and not quite as outspoken as Gordon, but the two make great friends. Dr. Frawley (John McGiver), the dean of the school, isn’t so fond … Continue reading Love in a Goldfish Bowl (1961)