(Image via Love Those Classic Movies)

Three friends — Jody, Steamer, and Chase — have come to Oahu in search of the world’s biggest waves. Surfers from around the world have come to the island to compete against one another.

Along the way, the young men face arguments, injuries, and romantic complications.

Ride the Wild Surf  was written and produced by Jo and Art Napoleon. The film was directed by Don Taylor.

Set in beautiful Hawaii, this is the perfect summer watch for its sunny, beachy scenery. It was filmed on location in Hawaii and includes a lot of cool surf footage. It’s just wonderful to look at, both in its scenery and in its wonderful ’60s fashions and props. (That pink jeep! Those swimsuits!)

The plot is nothing particularly complex. There’s surf action, there’s romance… and not a whole lot else. It’s somewhat of a “sit back, turn off your brain, and enjoy the scenery” flick.

While much of the film’s appeal is visual, it also has a fun cast. Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie fame is great in her role of adventurous Augie, full of sass. Tab Hunter, Fabian, and Shelley Fabares all have sizable roles. Robert Mitchum’s son James also appears in the film, playing a champion surfer known as “Eskimo.”

There’s a bit of a camp factor to Ride the Wild Surf, but nowhere near Classics of the Corn level. For the most part it’s just a mild, easy watch. If you love “beach party” movies or ’60s surf culture, it’s worth tuning in for.

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