Favorite things about… Top Hat (1935)

Back by popular demand, it’s Favorite Things Friday here on TMP! The first Friday of each month, I’ll share my favorite things about one of my favorite films. For July, we celebrate a joyful musical-comedy full of miscommunication… The favorite film: Top Hat, a 1935 musical directed by Mark Sandrich The synopsis: An American dancer meets a dressmaker’s model in a hotel and falls in … Continue reading Favorite things about… Top Hat (1935)

Lucky Partners (1940)

“A journey into the absurd, with a delightful companion, and no consequences and no regrets!” Jean (Ginger Rogers) and David (Ronald Coleman) are passing each other on the street one day when he wishes her good luck. Soon after, Jean is given an expensive dress for free and becomes convinced the stranger genuinely brought her good luck. Sure that he’s a lucky man, Jean asks … Continue reading Lucky Partners (1940)

Star of Midnight (1935)

“Hey, this is swell. Home murder mysteries! Why go out for thrills when you can have them in your own parlor?” Tim Winthrop (Leslie Fenton) has asked his criminal lawyer pal Clay Dalzell (William Powell) for help tracking down a missing girlfriend. Clay’s sort-of fiancée, Donna Mantin (Ginger Rogers) is intrigued by the case. That night, the three head to the theater, where the mysterious … Continue reading Star of Midnight (1935)

Collector’s Corner: Collecting Ginger

For this week’s collector’s corner, I’ve got another edition of Star Collections — the subcategory in which I share all of the films, books, and magazines I own featuring a particular classic film star. Today’s star is the lovely Ginger Rogers, who I am considering for my next filmography project! Ginger Books & Mags Not much owned on the book and magazine front. I have … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collecting Ginger

Chance at Heaven (1933)

Blacky Gorman (Joel McCrea) and Marje Harris (Ginger Rogers) are young and in love. They’ve been casually dating for a couple of years, and Blacky is finally ready to propose, having found success as a gas station owner. Their future is set. One day, though, Glory Franklyn (Marian Nixon) comes veering into Blacky’s life. She visits his gas station, nearly tearing the place down with … Continue reading Chance at Heaven (1933)

Favorite Things About… Bachelor Mother (1939)

The favorite film: Bachelor Mother, a romantic comedy from RKO, directed by Garson Kanin and written by Norma Krasna The synopsis: Toy saleswoman Polly Parrish is being let go from her seasonal job just after Christmas. After seeing a woman leave a baby on the step of a local orphanage, she is mistaken for the baby’s mother. Could this twist of fate help Polly save … Continue reading Favorite Things About… Bachelor Mother (1939)

The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)

Welcome to the first installment of The Critical Eye, TMP’s non-chronological continuation of the “One Year, One Film” project! These posts will follow the very same format as those bi-weekly “One Year” posts — a brief plot synopsis and review from me, followed by snippets from reviews published around the time of the film’s original release. Today we begin with a Ginger Rogers drama… Primrose … Continue reading The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)