Broadway Bad (1933)

Tony Landers (Joan Blondell) and Flip Daly (Ginger Rogers) are best friends, and two of a gaggle of chorus girls starring in the “Frolics of 1929.” Tony has caught the eye of the show’s rich backer, Craig (Ricardo Cortez), leaving his mistress Aileen (Adrienne Ames), another dancer, fuming. Craig may not get far with Tony… Read More Broadway Bad (1933)

Upper World (1934)

“Just because a guy’s got a lot of dough, he thinks he can get away with murder!” Alex Stream (Warren William) is the very wealthy, very busy boss of a railroad company. He has a happy family, but his wife Hettie (Mary Astor) spends more time with her high-society friends than she spends with him.… Read More Upper World (1934)

The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)

Welcome to the first installment of The Critical Eye, TMP’s non-chronological continuation of the “One Year, One Film” project! These posts will follow the very same format as those bi-weekly “One Year” posts — a brief plot synopsis and review from me, followed by snippets from reviews published around the time of the film’s original… Read More The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)