Until They Sail (1957)

“Eat, drink, and make love, for tomorrow, we die.” -Capt. Jack Harding Barbara (Jean Simmons), Delia (Piper Laurie), Anne (Joan Fontaine), and Evelyn Leslie (Sandra Dee) are sisters living in Christchurch, New Zealand. The town is preparing for war, and just about every man — including their brother Kit, and newlywed Barbara’s husband Frank — has been called to duty or decided to enlist. Tensions … Continue reading Until They Sail (1957)

She Couldn’t Say No (1954)

Corby Lane (Jean Simmons) has returned from England and is headed straight for an unexpected location: a tiny town in Arkansas! She intends to visit Dr. Robert Sellers but instead finds his son, Doc (Robert Mitchum). She tells him that she’s on her way to California, and asks what he would do if she gave him $5,000. Doc, confused by the question, says he’d lock … Continue reading She Couldn’t Say No (1954)

Angel Face (1952)

Diane Tremayne (Jean Simmons) is a girl from a wealthy family. She lives with her successful businessman father, Charles (Herbert Marshall), and his second wife Catherine (Barbara O’Neil). One night, ambulance driver Frank Jessup (Robert Mitchum) is summoned to the home where the Tremaynes live. Catherine has been treated for accidental gas inhalation, but she is sure that it was no accident at all, thinking … Continue reading Angel Face (1952)

So Long at the Fair (1950)

As you may remember, I recently reviewed a little film called Midnight Warning in my Mill Creek Musings series. That 1932 film tells the story of a woman whose brother goes missing at a luxurious hotel, and the hotel staff seems to be trying to cover up his disappearance, with none of them even willing to admit that they ever saw him. Midnight Warning was remade as Dangerous Crossing, which … Continue reading So Long at the Fair (1950)

“I’ve got a secret!”: Little-known “facts” about the stars from Modern Screen, November 1954

This post is a part of TMP’s Historical Context series, in which I share excerpts from my collection of vintage publications. Modern Screen’s November 1954 issue includes a feature titled “I’ve got a secret!” which claims to share the things you never knew about your favorite stars. Today I’ve decided to share these supposed facts with you! Linda Darnell would have been a nervous wreck … Continue reading “I’ve got a secret!”: Little-known “facts” about the stars from Modern Screen, November 1954

The Grass is Greener (1960)

Victor (Cary Grant) and Hilary Rhyall (Deborah Kerr) are well-bred English folk who live in a huge estate. Unfortunately, they’ve fallen into a bit of a financial crisis, leading them to open the historic home up to the public for tours. Though their home is, in essence, a museum, the Rhyalls are doing okay. They keep some of the rooms marked private so they can … Continue reading The Grass is Greener (1960)

Adam and Evelyne (1949)

Adam and Evalyne (1949): 3.5/5 I’m not sure exactly how many films were made in the classic Hollywood era with a “older man and younger woman fall in love” plot, but there seem to have been quite a few. Adam and Evelyne (also sometimes spelled ‘Evalyne’ or ‘Evalyn,’ if you’re trying to find the film) is one of these. Adam (Stewart Granger) is a very … Continue reading Adam and Evelyne (1949)