Born to Love (1931)

London, 1919. The war is raging on, but nurse Doris Kendall (Constance Bennett) still finds time to fall in love when she meets Captain Barry Craig (Joel McCrea) of the American Army Air Corps. When Barry proposes to Doris the day before he’s supposed to ship out, she refuses because marriage would mean that she would be sent back to America. They spend the night … Continue reading Born to Love (1931)

Primrose Path (1940)

Ellie May Adams (Ginger Rogers) has had a rough life. Her father (Miles Mander) is a Greek scholar but is unemployable because of his dependence on alcohol. Her mother (Marjorie Rambeau)  and grandmother (Queenie Vassar) work in “the world’s oldest profession,” supporting the family by going out with rich men. Ellie May is determined not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. … Continue reading Primrose Path (1940)

Woman Wanted (1935)

Ann Grey (Maureen O’Sullivan) is a wrongly convicted woman. She’s being sent to jail for a murder that she didn’t commit. During transport to the jail, a car accident allows her to escape, but even though she’s no longer headed to jail, her troubles are just beginning. Young lawyer Tony Baxter (Joel McCrea) meets and decides to help Ann, hiding her from the police with … Continue reading Woman Wanted (1935)

The Richest Girl in the World (1934)

Dorothy (Miriam Hopkins) is The Richest Girl in the World. With all of that money, it would seem that her life must be wonderful, completely free of worry. But when her fiance breaks off his engagement to her because he has fallen in love with someone else, Dorothy begins to question whether someone would like her if she didn’t have money. So she hatches a … Continue reading The Richest Girl in the World (1934)

The Common Law (1931)

The Common Law is a pre-code drama which serves as a critique of society’s conventions, especially in relation to marriage. Constance Bennett is Valerie West, the live-in girlfriend and model of painter John Neville (Joel McCrea). Valerie and John are American ex-pats living in Paris when they meet and decide to live together, much to the chagrin of John’s sister, snooty high-society girl Claire (Hedda … Continue reading The Common Law (1931)

Banjo On My Knee (1936)

Banjo On My Knee (1936): 4/5 Having your wedding on a yacht seems luxurious and expensive, but for Pearl (Barbara Stanwyck) and Ernie Holley (Joel McCrea), their sea-faring wedding was just like any other. The Holleys live in a community of “shanty boat people.” In other words, they’re lower class Southern folks who live on wooden boats. Still, despite the lack of glamour, the Holley … Continue reading Banjo On My Knee (1936)