The Great Lie (1941)

Sandra Kovak (Mary Astor) seems to have it all: beauty, a fantastic career as a concert pianist, an avaitor husband (George Brent). But when husband Pete learns that he and Sandra are not legally married (because her previous divorce has not yet been finalized), it has devastating consequences for their relationship. Also on Pete’s hook is Maggie (Bette Davis), a woman with whom he’s had … Continue reading The Great Lie (1941)

There’s Always a Woman (1938)

William Reardon (Melvyn Douglas) has been forced to shut the doors of his private eye business and take a job at the district attorney’s office, because he wasn’t making enough money to stay afloat. This is not the end for the Reardons in the detective business, though: Bill’s wife, Sally (Joan Blondell), decides to keep the Reardon Detective Agency open and run it all on … Continue reading There’s Always a Woman (1938)

A Kiss Before Dying (1956)

Dorothy Kingship (Joanne Woodward) is a woman in love… but she’s also a woman struck with worry. She’s just discovered that she’s pregnant, and while she’s happy to start a family with the man she loves, there’s one huge problem: they aren’t married. (Gasp!) There’s also a major problem Dorothy doesn’t know about: Bud (Robert Wagner), the baby-daddy in question, doesn’t actually love her. He’s … Continue reading A Kiss Before Dying (1956)

Cynthia (1947)

Cynthia (Elizabeth Taylor) is a sheltered girl, living under the oppression of overprotective parents (Mary Astor and George Murphy) who think that she is too delicate and ill to live like a “normal” teenager. Cynthia tells her classmates that she has dates so she can seem like the average teenager, when really she’s going to one of her very frequent doctor appointments. But soon, things … Continue reading Cynthia (1947)

Other Men’s Women (1931)

Watched February 5, 2012 Other Men’s Women (1931): 4/5 Other Men’s Women follows a love triangle between a man (Bill, portrayed by Grant Withers), his best friend (Jack, portrayed by Regis Toomey) and his best friend’s wife (Lily, portrayed by Mary Astor). Bill is a bit of a heavy drinker, and is taken in by Jack and Lily during one of his drunken stupors. He … Continue reading Other Men’s Women (1931)