Other Men’s Women (1931)

Watched February 5, 2012

Other Men’s Women (1931): 4/5

Other Men’s Women follows a love triangle between a man (Bill, portrayed by Grant Withers), his best friend (Jack, portrayed by Regis Toomey) and his best friend’s wife (Lily, portrayed by Mary Astor). Bill is a bit of a heavy drinker, and is taken in by Jack and Lily during one of his drunken stupors. He ends up staying longer than one night, helping out around the house and building strong friendships with the family. Eventually, he realizes that he has fallen for Lily, and a dramatic love triangle ensues.

This film is very well-cast. Mary Astor was a perfect choice for Lily; she’s very lovable, and it is easy to see why both of the men would fall

Drunken canoodles between Marie and Bill

for her. Witty dialogue and heartfelt performances make all of the characters lovable as they are being introduced, which makes it difficult for the viewer to take a side when the love triangle emerges.

Joan Blondell also has a supporting role in this film as a local waitress, and she steals the show once again! As likable as the main characters are, Joan’s character of Marie is much more sassy and spunky. She adds a comedic edge to the film that may not have been pulled off by another actress.

The plot is somewhat predictable, but well-written dialogue and great, believable performances carry this film. It certainly isn’t a phenomenal classic, but it’s a very good romantic drama.

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