Tell No Tales (1939)

Michael Cassidy (Melvyn Douglas) is celebrating the 75th anniversary of his newspaper when he gets horrifying news from the paper’s owner, Matt Cooper: the paper is to stop publication immediately. When anger brews over the suddenness of the announcement and combines with Michael’s pride for the paper, he hatches a plan to solve a kidnapping case, get the scoop, and prove that the paper’s good … Continue reading Tell No Tales (1939)

Favorite things about… Ninotchka (1939)

The favorite film: Ninotchka, a 1939 comedy directed by Ernst Lubitsch for MGM The synopsis: Ninotchka is a stern Soviet agent, fully dedicated to her country and her work. But when she meets the suave Leon in Paris on her way to take in the sight of the Eiffel Tower (and other architectural marvels), Ninotchka finds her dedication and rigid lifestyle compromised by the prospect … Continue reading Favorite things about… Ninotchka (1939)

There’s Always a Woman (1938)

William Reardon (Melvyn Douglas) has been forced to shut the doors of his private eye business and take a job at the district attorney’s office, because he wasn’t making enough money to stay afloat. This is not the end for the Reardons in the detective business, though: Bill’s wife, Sally (Joan Blondell), decides to keep the Reardon Detective Agency open and run it all on … Continue reading There’s Always a Woman (1938)

Mill Creek Musings: Woman in the Shadows (1934)

John Bradley (Ralph Bellamy) is a released prisoner who has been serving time because he accidentally killed a man during a brawl — hit him a bit too hard for flirting with his girl, Helen (Nell O’Day). Knowing that he has anger issues, John decides to isolate himself by moving into and renovating a cabin that was built by his father. Helen tries to reunite … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Woman in the Shadows (1934)

Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

The small, conservative town of Lynnfield has gone wild over local newspaper editor Jed Waterbury’s (Thomas Mitchell) decision to publish a racy, best-selling novel by Caroline Adams in installments. Little do they know, one of Lynnfield’s own is Caroline Adams. Theodora Lynn (Irene Dunne), an active community member and regular church-goer, published the novel under a pen name. Theodora travels to New York, saying that … Continue reading Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

My Forbidden Past (1951)

New Orleans in the late 1800s may seem like an exciting place, but it’s more complicated than exciting for the Beaurevel family. Barbara Beaurevel (Ava Gardner) is a young and beautiful girl, living with her cousin Paul (Melvyn Douglas) and his mother (Lucile Watson). Barbara’s aunt and cousin refuse to acknowledge her grandmother, who had a sketchy past but was only trying to provide for … Continue reading My Forbidden Past (1951)

Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)

Originally posted on, July 29, 2011 Third Finger, Left Hand(1940) starring Myrna Loy as a magazine editor named Margot who creates a fake husband in order to keep her job (the publisher has a jealous wife) and ward off advances from her male coworkers. Everything is working out according to plan until she meets a man named Jeff Thompson (portrayed by Melvyn Douglas) who … Continue reading Third Finger, Left Hand (1940)