Originally posted on recollective.tumblr.com, July 29, 2011

Third Finger, Left Hand(1940) starring Myrna Loy as a magazine editor named Margot who creates a fake husband in order to keep her job (the publisher has a jealous wife) and ward off advances from her male coworkers. Everything is working out according to plan until she meets a man named Jeff Thompson (portrayed by Melvyn Douglas) who discovers her secret and decides to pose as her husband without warning her first.

My thoughts: I enjoyed this film a lot. I loved the character of Margot, willing to do whatever possible to keep the career that she loves and reacting with sass and a great sense of humor when those “whatever possibles” come back to bite her. I found her very easy to relate to, and Myrna is always a joy to watch. Third Finger, Left Hand is a sweet and light-hearted comedy, predictable but well-played by the entire cast.