December 2015 in Film

Christmas has come and gone, a new year arriving today. Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating last night… but not too much fun, eh? Here in the movie blogosphere, a new month means it’s time to take a look at the past month in viewing… so let’s get to it! New-to-me viewings: 23 Re-watches: 10 Total for December: 33 Total for 2015: 329 (Full year wrap-up … Continue reading December 2015 in Film

August 2015 in Film

Hello, movie buffs and hello, September! Today, the final semester of my master’s program begins (though in my quest to stay in school forever, I’ll be returning to my university in January for a graduate certificate). Since September is back-to-school month, my viewing tends to take a bit of a dip. Luckily, I had a pretty successful month of viewing in August to make up for … Continue reading August 2015 in Film